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Summer vacation is over

And autumn seems to already be here…

When I looked back on my vacation, I realized I really did get enough rest and I enjoyed my time off. Even when the weather turned cold and windy. The books occupied my time while I waited for the sun’s return.

I’m not sure if you can see it in this picture, but the wind “bura” was blowing and there is a white fog over the sea.


But then, when the wind and the rain stopped, it became possible to catch pictures of sun through the trees.DSC_0043

Most of my vacation was spent in Smokvica, we just traveled for the last few days to southern Dalmatia to watch  Maraton lađa – a famous event in that part of Croatia where teams compete on the river Neretva in rowing old-fashioned boats native to that region. For 22,5km! That is more than 2,5 hours of rowing.

But before the main event, we were lucky to have dinner at a place that features this sunset in front of it. DSC_0053

And views like this one:DSC_0056

In order to get to the start of the race boats are organized for tourists that first take you for a swim and a lunch and then to the start of the race.


And here go the teams – there were 34 of them.DSC_0064

This is what cheering from the boat looks like. 🙂



And now I’m back in Zagreb, just so you don’t think my hair always looks that disheveled, I have a fresh hairstyle.

(that will probably be disheveled in 2 days time) 😀DSC_0078

Long time, no sea

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 🙂 It’s been a long time since I wrote anything, and well, this post will come with sea photos. 😉 

Yes, I’m on vacation. Finally.

I had (still have) time to think about what’s been going on in my life and pondering the reasons why I no longer have the time and/or energy to read and write. Honestly though, I haven’t come to any smart conclusions. Life takes you on a path and before you know it, all that once brought you pleasure as a hobby suddenly no longer fits into the hours in a day. I hate that.

So I spent my first week of vacation basically doing nothing. Just resting from the hectic pace my life is when I go to work. 

I sleep a lot, go for a swim, do some yoga and pilates and read. I’m just doing things I enjoy and that bring me relaxation and hopefully, one of these relaxed days I will have an epiphany and realize how to make time in my routine for things that make me happy and relaxed.
Because when I’m happy and relaxed, nice things happen to me. Like talking to a neighbor and discovering a new perfume gem I now covet. 

Cartier’s La Panthere. 

I was so surprised to find myself enjoying a perfume I thought was for older ladies. 😀 Oh, well, I’m the first to admit I’m prejudiced. 

Anyway, I hope to do a review sometime in the near future. So far, I can only say that after reading the notes, I am no longer surprised I fell for it. There is gardenia hidden in its heart. 🙂 

And to leave you now with typical Smokvica sights:

Vacation time!

I feel really bad for neglecting my blog and the only thing I can post at the moment are some pics from vacation.
Some from Senj, some from Smokvica and hopefully more to follow after visits to some other places. 🙂


Senj at night


Senj at night


Selfie at the beach 😉


Sorry for the finger! Fortress Nehaj


View from Nehaj


Nehaj in the background




Beach selfie


Smokvica today


The last installment of my vacation series.

You might wonder how I ended up there having said what I did before going on my vacation. But I was there with my ex’s sister (who is a really good friend of mine) and her two girls (and he’s not officially my ex either – what a strange life I lead…).

After the walking I did in Copenhagen and the partying I did on Vis, spending some calm time (as calm as it can be with two young girls) was just the thing.

Smokvica is actually the perfect place if you’re looking for a peaceful, family time without many amenities or tourists.

I guess the photos are always the same from there. 😉 (except for the alcohol part)


First part of a new Kir Royal recipe (rose liqueur)


The finished Kir Royal (a tried recipe, Asali and I discovered in Copenhagen)


View from the beach


Other side view




Walk along the shore


God I wish I was there now!

I’m back

From my vacation and basically all I can say is – it’s been amazing! 🙂

I’ve had the best vacation ever (at least that I can remember at the moment).

Copenhagen was amazing, the Danes are really such nice, warm, smiling people even though their country is very expensive. But I loved every second of it, especially the time I got to spend with wonderfully nice Asali (chatting about life, perfumes and everything we could think of).

The island of Vis is really the place where unexpected happens in the best of ways. I’ll be seeing that island again.

Also, very little sleep happens there. 😉

And last but not least, the place where you go to rest, Smokvica with friends one considers family.

My mind is relaxed, I am happy and life has been good to me.

To be continued with a short travelogue of all these places…


Channeling Tilda Swinton

And not by smelling like her.

As you can tell by the photo of me and Asali/Jasia having fun at the fishermen’ party in Klenovica yesterday, I’m not wearing any make-up.
It’s my vacation after all.
I do have to admit that even though I’m channeling Tilda, I do not feel as comfortable looking like I have no eyelashes the way she does.


Jasia looking great without make-up and me with no lashes

It’s been forever since I wrote and I’m hoping the sitting on the terrace having coffee with Jasia or lying on the beach in the sun (as seen on the photo evidence provided) will do much to restore my writing mojo.
The sniffing sessions with Jasia are also helping although you’d think we’d be able to have more of those since we are on vacation…
But we’re busy doing other things:


Busy around barbecue


Busy on the beach

When not smelling of our samples and decants, we pretty much smell like the salty air and sunscreen and in the evening of Off mosquito spray which smells wonderful (you’d be surprised how good it smells). Jasia says carnation but to me it’s simply a great scent for such a product.

You could possibly catch as wafting a bit of smokiness (from being close to the burning wood for the barbecue)… B-)


Smell you soon!

Sunny love from Smokvica from both of us

I’m back!

And the vacation is officially over. It’s been over 24 hours that I’m in Zagreb and I still cannot believe how soon one returns to the usual routine life most of us probably lead.
I actually feel quite rested and I no longer have bags under my eyes (although probably not for long). 🙂 It’s time to get back to my usual non-vacation life and I feel ready for all of it (blogging especially).
And like I promised, some pictures from my vacation. Most were taken on our brief visit to the wonderful beach on the island of Krk.

This one is of a garden in Smokvica – it looks very artfully done.

This is what a sunset on the path from Smokvica to the next village of Klenovica looks like:

View from the boat of our side of the island of Krk (you would never guess there was that little beautiful beach hidden somewhere in all these rocks):
View from the beach:
More beach:
This is me getting ready to swim (this was after two weeks in the sun and you can see I don’t really tan, or at all when compared to everyone else around me):
View toward the island, very unhospitable for everyone except goats:
The beach is really a little recess among all the rocks:

Being strangely busy

I don’t know if that ever happens to other people, but before I went away for the long weekend, there wasn’t that much work to be done. OK, I had my standard stuff to do, but not too much. Suddenly, since my return, it seems I don’t know what to start first and more things just keep piling up and need to be done before Friday because next week is the week when there are 2 state holidays, so everyone will be off someplace where there’s fun in the sun (including me). 🙂

I’ll be at the seaside again for a week to enjoy myself and in the meantime I’ll post some of the photos from the lovely weekend I had.
I managed to go through the rest of the Sookie Stackhouse books I had (there’s only no. 9 left but I don’t have it yet) and I wasn’t terribly happy with the end of book 8, I turned the page and was surprised to see there’s no more. Although, after a while I thought there was no better way to end it. It definitely calls for a next one to be read. Soon I hope. 🙂
I’m already assembling books for the next week – I’ll of course take more than I can actually read – so I’d have a choice, but I think I might read some 5-7, so of course, I’ll have at least 10 with me. *grin*
I did take some samples with me to try but in the end, I enjoyed the smell of early summer – the rosemary, sunscreen, sea and fig trees. The place I go to is called Smokvica (which is diminutive of fig) so there are fig trees everywhere and they already have fruit (as in ripe enough to be eaten) – too bad I don’t like figs.
And to my suprise, the scent I used when I wanted to wear something was Bath & Body works Chocolate amber which doesn’t smell much like chocolate to me (just a little bit a not for long – more like dark chocolate truffles), but smells nice and warm in a sunny way and now that I checked the notes, it is a bit clearer to me why I like it so much. 🙂
Notes: pineapple, red berries, lemon, honey blossom, rose, jasmine, dark chocolate, honey wood, patchouli, vanilla orchid and musk.
Now some photos:
How it looks when I go in:

The view of a garden nearby:

More sea view:
My beach accesories (the bag contains the book and sunscreen):

The white oleandar in our garden (there’s a pink one as well):

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