Perfume thoughts

Hopefully, this post brings an end to my post draught lately.
My mind is just scattered all over the place and I have some serious trouble both concentrating on any type of mental work or remembering things I’m supposed to do (I’m writing all sorts of notes these days in order to remember to do everything).

I saw on some other blogs that the autumn perfume picks started appearing. I wish I could do one as well, but as with my mind, my nose is all over the place and I’m still not in an autumnal frame of mind completely (even though the weather is, for over a month now).

I have no problem getting into summer or winter perfume frame of mind, but both spring an autumn sneak up on me and I’m left wondering what is appropriate and it’s a hit and miss kind of wondering.

In my mind, it’s like this: Is autumn appropriate time to start with all those warm winter scents I have or am I supposed to ease my way into some seriously warm orientals and woods with something less heavy? And what exactly is less heavy? Which then leads me to thinking I might need to buy something more autumn-like even though I’m still not sure what would that be.

So, these days, I’m easing my way into autumn with some ambers (which seems a good color choice for autumn) and some patchoulis, but those that are more dry and earthy so I can still warm them up before it gets too cold.

Yesterday I also realized what a labyrinth of choices the perfume world presents and I still get lost in it regularly. To give you an example.

I’ve read wonderful reviews of Fendi Theorema all over the blogs and I got a sample of it last winter. I tried it then  and I liked it very much and contemplated the need of a bottle.
So, yesterday, in my autumnal review of which scents are appropriate and which aren’t, I put Theorema on one arm and another oriental (which is coming up for review quite soon) on another. And it started in Theorema’s favour but it didn’t last long.  I finally understood that other oriental and why it got some serious love and even though I wouldn’t mind wearing Theorema if someone gave me a bottle since it is perfectly nice and easy to wear and just feels right, but in comparison to the other one, it will never bring forth some serious feelings from me.
And there are enough perfumes out there which are going to make me feel strong about them so I decided not to buy any of those that don’t do that anymore.

We’ll just have to wait and see if I actually manage that. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Perfume thoughts

  1. ChickenFreak October 10, 2010 at 04:23 Reply

    For a long time, I didn't see any point in Theorema at all, and then suddenly one day I Got It! and was ever so delighted. So I'd say that I felt strongly about it then. But your post now is making me realize that, well, maybe now it's just another unsuccessful step in the Orange Quest. Except… wait… I seem to be halfhearted about it in spring and fall and excited in winter and summer. So I may have to wait until, say, December to know.Which is one of those things that makes it hard to stick with only the scents I love, because so many of them can go from halfhearted to OMyOhMyThisIsTheBestThingEverBreakTheBackupBottleRule!!!, depending on the weather.


  2. Ines October 11, 2010 at 12:01 Reply

    Hmm, now you have me wondering if I need to wait for winter to try it one more time. I just don't know, next to the Shalimar which was on my other arm, it just couldn't make me think it's great. Unlike Shalimar which finally clicked for me. 🙂


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