Laurell K. Hamilton: Bullet

Who thought Mother of all Darkness was dead?!

I for one didn’t. I mean there’s no way they were going to kill her so easily. Turns out that was true and boy, is it going to be even more difficult killing her now.

But, they do have a plan by the end of the book, one that requires a lot of metaphysical pondering for us readers (I for one just went with the flow and didn’t try thinking it through). I mean it really sounded complicated who had what powers and how they kept each other in check, and who went behind whose back in order to keep thing relatively even and then who is going to get killed slowly and painfully because of what they did… Anyway, I just wanted to get to the action so I just read through it and didn’t try to find my way through the maze of political/metaphysical labyrinth.

One thing I can say for Mrs. Hamilton more than for any other author I’ve read is, she can sure take you a bit beyond your comfort level. Although I’m no longer surprised by that and it doesn’t deter me from finishing the book. 

At the beginning of the series, it was all the gore and gruesome killings with some incredibly awful creatures. Then it went into sex and we’re still in that territory but this time around, there are some man on man situations that might not be for everyone (and a bit girl with girl). Not much really and in my opinion not badly done. The one thing that surprised me though (and quite a lot as I still cannot really understand it but then again I could never understand Anita’s mind) is the fact that she doesn’t get jealous at one point in the book where I got the feeling it would be required. Although it’s best for everyone that she doesn’t.

I steered away from the Mother of all Darkness but there’s not much else to be sadi. After realizing the mess they are in, the rest of the book is about what needs to be done to deal with it. And at the end of it, almost everything is in place for the next book to take us to war.

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