Are angels evil?!

According to Danielle Trussoni, yes and no. Or, some of them might be since they are sociopathic in such extremes that it can’t be termed anything else. Then, again, if we talk about Nephilim, they aren’t angels strictly speaking, they are the children of Watchers and Daughters of Men so I guess they are only half-angelic? Have I lost you? If yes, go read Angelology, if not, well, go read it anyway. It’s definitely an interesting take on the problems of human kind.

The only problem I had with the book is that it took forever to get my bearings and to finally understand the origins of the problem. In the meantime, I got familiar with psalms, angel theory, apocriphal works and other religious texts connected with angels. It gets a bit complicated before it gets cleared because in the middle of the book you are taken to World War II and from there, for a bit to the times of Crusades. That was actually quite well written because I had to remember that that is not what the book is about and think back to what happened in the beginning.

I’m not really familiar with angel ranks or spheres, but that is how the book is portioned, 3 spheres and a choir (which works great as thematic parts of the book). There was a reference in the text regarding spheres and the choir but I didn’t give it much thought as it was hidden among all other information in there.

What I did give a lot of thought to (and anxious at that) was the question – is there going to be a second book coming out and how soon?! Because the end just leaves you hanging out there – or would that be flying out there? (shame on you Mrs Trussoni!). 🙂
The answer to that question is yes.

I know there’s a lot of talk about this book (it was translated quite quickly into Croatian and I see banners all over the place) and if you are seeing similarities with The Historian by E. Kostova, you’re not the only one. The only difference is, Angelology is in my opinion much better.

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