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Happy New Year!

I know I’ve been seriously MIA for quite a long time and I won’t say I plan on fixing it. I always plan and then my plans go down the drain (that’s a diplomatic way of saying what I’m actually thinking) so now no more planning but living life.

I actually miss the community that blogging has introduced me into and I miss the fulfillment that writing about perfumes and books had brought me. Hopefully, when a longing becomes strong enough, you do something about it.

That is why I want to wish you all a very happy New Year where you realize what your true longings are and go about fulfilling them. πŸ™‚

If you know them already, all the better. πŸ˜‰


My New year’s resolutions

(not that they usually do me any good, I just basically follow my own way πŸ˜‰ )

But, I woke up today with all the possibilities for this year clear in my head and with a strong urge to make them happen. Who knows, maybe now when I write them down, some of them actually happen. πŸ™‚ I.E. I make them happen. πŸ˜‰

1. Write more. Especially about perfume (there are many great perfumes I’ve tried lately that I want to write about).

2. Get organized – I have this feeling that if I get my different parts of my life better organized, it would make me faster when doing something and less stressed when I’m in a hurry

3. De-clutter all aspects of my life. I really feel I have too much stuff. Yes, I love shopping (I’m a true consumerist) but I would enjoy my stuff more if it didn’t get lost among all other stuff. πŸ™‚

4. Figure out what is it that I want to do. Really want to do.

5. Do more yoga. Or pilates. It goes extremely well with running. And does wonders for my lower back.

6. Relax. I’m a really tense person who wants everything right now. I realized I have a problem enjoying the moment so I want to learn how to do that. Or just be more aware of it so I can enjoy life more. There’s no hurry. πŸ˜‰

7. Keep on running. Ok, that’s nothing new but running helps me in so many ways that I just want to keep on doing it.

2014 – the year of life

I find it funny that for the last few years I complained about how my years, generally looking, weren’t all that good. And that was true. They could be described as “meh” at best.

And then, 2014 came. I have no better words to describe it except – it was the year where life decided to teach me some lessons.

The most important being, you cannot stand still. You cannot think this is the way your life is and that’s it. If you don’t move from a place where you are standing still, life will move you. And that might not be the nicest of moves.

It has been a difficult year for me but I decided to see it as a life lesson and that has helped me immensely in putting things into perspective. I mean, it is always your choices that bring you into situations so it only makes sense when stuff goes wrong, you take a good, long look at what it was that brought you there.

In any case, the life lesson has been hard but necessary and I am grateful for it.

But the thing I am most grateful for is my friends. There are so many sayings about friends but really, when sh*t hits the fan, you will know who your friends are.

I feel really awful saying this, but I really didn’t expect so much loving support from everywhere. It did make me cry a few times just out of sheer appreciation and happiness.

So to all my friends wherever you are (and you are everywhere) – a big thank you and I love you all. You made my year amazingly bountiful. πŸ™‚

Now on to my personal life lessons. πŸ™‚

There areΒ only two actually –Β being brave and patient. Brave in saying what it is that I want and living my life the way I want to, and patient not to expect things to happen this instant (I’m still working on that). πŸ˜‰

I have no particular expectations of 2015. Everything works out great when I stop expecting things and just live and enjoy the experiences life provides. Sure, there are things I’d like to make happen in the coming year (writing more being one of them) but we’ll see what happens. Life has opened a door into a bright future for me but didn’t let me know what awaits there.

So I’ll be patient and brave and see for myself.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year and hopefully we will all, at one point, be able to raise a glass of champagne together. πŸ™‚


2013. The year that was

I have no better words to describe it. It was, it’s over now.

I look back on it and all I can think is, thankfully, it’s over. Nothing bad happened to me but it still felt like a bad year, full of bad news (both domestic and international), lethargy, indifference, deaths – generally, a year that didn’t display human kind at its best (an understatement) and did display it at some of its worst.

I always feel guilty for thinking like this, I feel I am being ungrateful. Compared to most of the world, I lead a life of plenty. And realistically speaking, it’s true. I lack for nothing, quite the contrary, I have a great family, a nice job, a good education, great circle of friends. I live in a beautiful country. I travel. I can buy perfumes and books. I am also healthy and hopefully will remain so.

So why feel like my year was one I just went through? Because it was. It mostly feels like a year where I went through all the motions of my everyday life when actually it felt more like hibernation with some small sparks of life.

But I want to focus on all the positive things this year brought me (because it feels like the hibernation period might be over) and one should always bring in the new year on a positive note. πŸ™‚



This year has brought me some true treasures. πŸ™‚black smoke

I discovered Cuirelle by a lucky chance and fell in love completely.

Suzanne opened my eyes to what incredibly happy perfume 24, Faubourg is.

I listened to Maurice Roucel give a talk on perfumes and met some new perfume friends.

And then the new Puredistance Black came out. And speaking of black, it really has become my favorite color to wear.




I discovered I am hooked to post-apocalyptic novels of any and every caliber – YA, horror, zombie, romance – you name it, I’ll probably enjoy it. I do wonder about what that says about me because I’m scared of the actual possibility (some of them sound too realistic). Am I preparing for the possibility?!passage

I haven’t read World War Z but I did see the movie and loved it. I’m guessing the book is better. When someone asks me what I want for birthday, that will be on my list (although I can already see the eye-rolling accompanying my wish for more books). πŸ˜€

I also think I will never reach my annual goal of 100 books. Last year I came closest, but this year, I think it’s the worst so far. Maybe I should sign up for the 50 books a year challenge, I would be able to finish that one. πŸ˜‰



The highlights of my year have been the trips to Vienna and Rome. In Vienna I finally got to meet the lovely Birgit and her boys, with an additional surprise of meeting Sandra and her son as well.

Rome was a trip we planned while in Paris in 2012. I cannot say how happy I am that I got to meet with Suzanne, Mark and Asali in Rome again. I thought there wasn’t a city in the world that could remove Paris from the top of my list of places I would love to live, but there’s Rome. I love that city and I hope to visit it again soon.

View from the park above Spanish steps

View from the park above Spanish steps

It might seem like I had a very active year, what with finishing 4 half-marathons in 3 different countries, but that was an uphill fight all the time, as all I wanted to do was stay home and read, and not go out and run. Still, you can’t tell that from the races, so at least it looked good on the outside. πŸ˜‰


See how tired I was?!

But I took time off for the last two months as I needed to replenish my physical and psychological energy levels. I actually feel better now.

So, without further ado,

Wishing you all a successful, fulfilling New Year full of happiness, laughter and joy!

*off to toast to that with a glass of champagne*


Looking back on 2012.

Prompted by this lovely post of Olfactoria’s.

This wasn’t an easy year for me and I can honestly say I can’t wait for it to be over. But even so, it has been incredibly fulfilling and has taught me and showed me many things I am grateful for. None of them came easily but nothing that is really valuable comes easily. Β And here I am mostly talking about non- material things.

I think the most important lesson (after never say never) Β I learned this year was that there is nothing you cannot do if you really want it and work hard for it.
Both apply to running. I never thought I’d get hooked, let alone run 2 half-marathons in a year. I was pretty much saying that would never happen when I heard that particular running school plan.

What I still can’t believe is that all the work (and torture) I went through with my thesis is finally done. I did it! IT’S OVER! πŸ™‚

It took a lot of time and energy, taught me many things about researched writing that will be judged by university professors and generally gave me a glimpse into the world of research. It was fun to research and do it (except for the judging part but that also went well).

As with all life, the happiness seems to always be balanced with grief and I got my share when we had to take my little old dog to the vet as she was suffering very much.

When I look back, those are the things that occupied most of my time and concentration and are basically the reason I didn’t do as much reading, blogging and smelling as I would have liked.

I want to end on a positive note so I want to say that as I grow older, I appreciate more the friends and family I am blessed with.

Here I need to point out that my new friends are more and more coming into my life through our common virtual world.Β  Meeting them in real life is always incredible fun but getting to know you all virtually is both globalization at its finest and a wonderfully exhilarating experience. πŸ™‚
Don’t you feel our lives would feel like we missed the friends we never would have
otherwise met?

I wish you all a successful and a fulfilling year – full of fun, hapiness and health!

















P.S. No perfumes in this post, but I’ll be posting about them soon enough. πŸ™‚

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone all the best in the year that started – let it bring happiness, peace (I sound like a beauty pageant contestant), prosperity and many wonderful fragrant discoveries among friends! πŸ™‚

Possibly with a glass or two of champagne on the way. πŸ˜‰

What I expect in the year 2012.

I don’t think I should name my post New Year’s resolutions even though they might appear as such.
I’m hoping they become a longer fixation in my life.
Of course, not as strictly inforced as what I’m planning for the next year but hopefully some of that strictness will remain forever.
Some thing are just general ideas I have about life I would like to keep living and possibly deepen.

1. I’m following Birgit’s path next year and I am not buying any bottles of perfume* (the most important word here being bottle – decants don’t count). I really need to start wearing and enjoying all the perfumes I have and actually talk about those and not be on a constant quest for new. I have more than enough to last me for ymore than a year if I were to talk about one each day (this includes samples of course!).

2. Which brings me to point number 2. I need to enjoy the things I already have. (this goes for both perfume and books)
I have so much of both that I haven’t given any attention to, and I believe it is causing some underlying stress that more accumulate and I haven’t even started with those I have.
In case of books, not buying doesn’t count for the series I’m following. Everything else will wait.

3. Point number 3 would be, I will try and enjoy the bounty of my life. As shown by previous too, I obviously don’t lack in life’s leisurely pursuits and honestly, this recession has demonstrated very clearly to me that I have more than enough and don’t lack for anything.
Yes, I’d love to be rich but if I weren’t happy as the person I am, money wouldn’t be able to change that (just make it more difficult for me to understand that happiness doesn’t come from it).

4. This brings me to number 4. I will seriously try to save a little bit of money. The key thing here is starting with little as I’m not prone to saving or sticking to any such plan (made by myself). I really need to learn to not spend all the money I earn. It’s starting to make me feel materialistic (which I know I am) but also, lacking in strength of character.
I really, really have enough of stuff in my life and don’t lack for anything. Now I need to start enjoying the things I have and taking good care that the new things that arrive are really those I need.

5. And speaking of character strength, I sincerely hope I’ll have enough to enroll in a 2-month program here that teaches people how to run effectively and prepares you for a half-marathon (I do think I’ll skip that part).

Running on a beach like this would never be a problem

But I would really love to do something for my body (and its health) and I always thought running was beyond me (I’m just not such a person).

So, I hope I’ll win against myself (and that will probably be a good opportunity to present myself with an iPod as I have nothing for music if I decide to do it).

Feel free to show your support in this because I am pretty sure I will be needing it. πŸ™‚

6. I also hope I will write more (often). πŸ™‚ I want to, I just need to work more on making my wishes into reality (especially those that are only dependent on me).

7. And last but not least, I hope I finish my thesis (unless it all comes down to nothing as the university is no longer inclined to extend the deadline for quite many of us left) but in any case, I hope it gets finished in any way, and then I hope I’ll have more time to spend with family and friends and finally restore the feeling I have all the time I need to enjoy the little things in life, instead of the opposite.

It all basically comes to the fact that I want to enjoy the life I have and not the one I need to pay for.

* I am pretty sure an exception or two to the rule of non-buying will appear but I can’t say in advance what they might be.

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone all the best in the year to come, that the challenges that are to come are the ones we can face, that the happiness we feel is the one we can share, that there is money we cannot spend and the health is something we don’t have to worry about!

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