Cassandra Clare: The City of Bones

city bonesSometimes I wonder how is it possible that even though I read YA novels regularly and sort of follow the scene, I miss some of the more famous series?!

Like the Shadowhunters one. Happened with the Hunger Games too. And Beautiful Creatures just a week ago. I learned about all of them only because they were made into movies. I guess I’m not following the scene as much as I thought.

The story is not really new. 🙂 We have a bad guy re-appearing for whom everyone thought was dead. The bad guy who used to be a good Shadowhunter.

Then we have the girl stumbling into the world because her mother’s precautions got  a bit late this year and now she can see through the glamours the Shadowhunters, Downworlders and demons throw to hide themselves from people. That is also how Clary meets Jace just as her mother is kidnapped by the bad guy and the story starts getting complicated.

Here is also where from the beginning it becomes clear who is who and I got really upset when my thoughts on the subject became true. Well, you couldn’t really come to any other conclusion.

Luckily for me, I’m already starting on book 3 so I know from the second book, that (spoiler ahead) the family issue will probably be resolved to the satisfaction of all. Not without tragic teenage suffering, I am sure. 😉

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