Kresley Cole: Lothaire

*probable spoilers ahead*

The Enemy of the Old.

That’s who Lothaire is. And when I say “of the old” it actually means several millenia old (more than I can possible wrap my mind around).

He and Nix go together way back (and he remembers her name – Phenix) – it seems they started their immortal lives at about the same time and had dealings all throughout history – mostly friendly. He is the Enemy of the Old which makes him evil so friendliness isn’t a characteristic of his dealings.
And make no mistake about that – you cannot call him anything else but evil until the end – even though at times you might be prone to forget it and forgive possibly. Try and ignore his gorgeousness in the process too. πŸ™‚

But the most important part of this story for me is Ellie. She practically stole Lothaire’s book. πŸ™‚
In my opinion, she is the strongest female character so far in the Immortals after Dark series (and she should be, as she is the Bride of the Enemy of the Old).
There are her own references throughout the book about her being stubborn, but she actually isn’t stubborn. At least not from my perspective. She is extremely strong in character, proud, fair, compassionate and loving. I can see though how pride can be mistaken for stubborness, but the more stubborn person in this book is Lothaire.

I don’t want to go into details about the story as there is a lot of new information coming to light and I couldn’t possibly decide what would be more important as I can’t enumerate everything. Just read it and enjoy (and tell me if I’m right about Ellie). πŸ™‚

Those who read my reviews probably know by now I am a huge fan of Kresley Cole. πŸ™‚ Luckily for me, now that I have my Kindle, I didn’t have to wait for the actual book to arrive in my bookstore. The moment it was out, I had it and then got sucked into its world.
The best thing about that world and its stories is that, except for the part where the pair gets together in the end, is that I can never guess what is going to happen. 
Which of course works wonders for speedy reading. πŸ™‚

I have no idea when the next book in the series is coming out (I just know it’s not soon enough) but I’m wondering if it’s about Kristoff’s love story…
As we’re left with an interesting parting scene in Lothaire…

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