Liesel Schwarz: A Conspiracy of Alchemists

conspiracyI am slowly but surely beginning to understand the love people have for steampunk novels. They are just so much fun to read.

I guess having a good writer helps too. 😉

I very much enjoyed this book although I must say in the beginning, I got a distinct impression that Elle wasn’t so much stubborn as stupid in her discussions with Marsh but that improved later (it seemed she gained both a backbone and a logical mind).

What I enjoyed so much was the fact that steampunk was so easily mixed with paranormal to create a new world – one where paranormals exist together with people (everyone being aware of everyone) and wizards are “good” (as much as old men with power and the possibility to get more, albeit for good can be) and alchemists works with (or for) vampires which is the reason for their conspiracy from the title.

Where do Elle and Marsh come in? Well, Elle doesn’t remember her mother as she got killed when Elle was very little but we soon learn she is to follow as the Oracle in her mother’s footsteps (as a direct descendant of her line).

Not something Elle (and for that matter Marsh too) is happy about. Especially as she needs to find her hijacked father.

So, here we embark on the adventure – well, the adventure basically started from the second page, but here we embark on the second part of adventure.

I won’t discuss what that entails but I’ll just assure you, it’s not slow going. 🙂

P.S. It seems lately either I’m reading books that discuss scents more, or I am more attuned to them, but here I especially loved the fact that Elle applies freesia perfume oil.

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