Les Nombres d’Or: Tubereuse and Amber

It takes some time to get to know perfumes by Mona di Orio and even then, you cannot say for sure they aren’t going to surprise you sometime in the near future.
I’ve been happily testing the Nombres d’Or line and I love them all. Some more, some just a little bit less, but if I had them all, I would happily wear them. As I don’t see that happening any time in the near (or even distant) future, I’ll give my samples all my love. (btw, I ordered mine from Aus Liebe zum Duft and they might seem expensive but they are also big). 🙂


Notes: pink pepper, bergamot from Calabria, green leaves, Indian tuberose absolute, Siamese benzoin, heliotrope, amber, coconut milk, musk

Honestly, I really shouldn’t be reviewing any tuberose perfumes. So far, I haven’t encountered a single one I didn’t like. Tuberose is one note I cannot get enough of and I enjoy it immensely.
In this case, I’m happy to say, I found one that would work great in my collection, as it’s a refreshing, green tuberose. In the beginning.
It’s lightly sharp on the nose due to the pink pepper and citrus, and greenery is there too, hiding the tuberose  bathing in the coconut milk. At no point in development does tuberose take over and the greenery remains there, not perhaps as obvious as in the beginning but there to make this tuberose light for wearing and something tuberose haters might give a go.
Also, it made me realize how wonderfully (for me) tuberose works with coconut (this is not the first perfume where the pair is featured but perhaps the most obvious one). Which brought me to the idea that perhaps Love Coco and Vamp a NY might work well together…  Hmmm, I should give it a try…
(of course, if it doesn’t work out great, I’ll never mention it here and I’ll just pretend I didn’t try it) 😉


Notes: Cedarwood from Atlas, Ylang-ylang from Comores, Benzoin, Tolu, Absolu Vanilla Madagascar

As much as I could tell the notes in Tubereuse, I can’t really say the same for Ambre.
It smells like the epitome amber. Lightly sweet, lightly burned, vanillic, somewhat musky and for a little while powdery. Ok, so that last part might not sound like amber, but it works for me (and I’m not a fan of powderiness).
Of all my ideas as to what might work to provide powderiness, none of them appear in the notes.
Anyway, my boyfriend assures me I’m wrong, but I smell similarities between Ambre and the drydown of Shalimar (which is a very good thing in my opinion).
This amber has me baffled. Each time I smell it, I smell something different and it’s all good. 🙂
It’s just a great, lightly burned and woody amber. There would definitely be a place for it in my collection.

Like Birgit says, there is always a place for another amber.

Notes and pics by: http://www.luckyscent.com/

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14 thoughts on “Les Nombres d’Or: Tubereuse and Amber

  1. Asali July 7, 2011 at 00:08 Reply

    Oh I'm so glad you like Ambre, Ines, I think it's a wonderful fragrance. As you said it's the epitome of amber, and yet, as the lovely owner of Marie Antoinette pointed out, there is no amber in this perfume, which is probably why it's so difficult to detect single notes, and why it behaves so different from other ambers. It's at the top of my wishlist, and now you made me very curious about tubereuse…


  2. JoanElaine July 7, 2011 at 00:27 Reply

    I just tried my first Mona di Orio fragrance last night – Nuit Noire, thanks to the lovely Suzanne.It's uber sexy!I don't think I would like her Tuberose, but the Ambre sounds lovely. I remember you reviewed other di Orio scents a while back – I need to read those!


  3. anotherperfumeblog July 7, 2011 at 03:38 Reply

    I am keen to try some Mona di Orio fragrances, and these both sound really nice. Thanks for this review.


  4. olfactoriastravels.com July 7, 2011 at 10:56 Reply

    Absolutely! There are never enough ambers! ;)I want to try Ambre soon, Tubereuse I'll leave I think, this note and I will never be friends.


  5. Ines July 7, 2011 at 13:49 Reply

    Asali, I was thinking about that, it's really incredible how she combined them to get amber. I really, really love her work. :)I just wish it was more economically speaking accessible as all the MdO bottles I'd like to have amount to a lot of money…


  6. Ines July 7, 2011 at 13:51 Reply

    JoanElaine, I'm so happy to hear you like Nuit Noire! I love it! And you're completely right – uber sexy sums it up pretty nicely. :)What's up with so many people shying away from tuberose?


  7. Ines July 7, 2011 at 13:54 Reply

    anotherperfumeblog, I'd love to hear your thoughts once you try them. I love them all and always hope other people will too. :)Even though I had problems when trying them for the first time, so I gave them another go and voila!


  8. Ines July 7, 2011 at 13:56 Reply

    Birgit, I do wish you'd try this Tubereuse. :)I really think it might not be as bad as the others and would love to hear if you can find a way around your tuberose hate by trying this one.


  9. Suzanne July 7, 2011 at 16:01 Reply

    Mmm, you make this Tubereuse sound so good. There was a time when I didn't really appreciate coconut in perfumes, even though I liked to eat it, etc. But this past year I started using a very pretty, organic coconut shampoo, and I find I've been craving the note ever since. Mdo Tubereuse sounds perfect for summer.


  10. JoanElaine July 7, 2011 at 18:22 Reply

    Hi Ines!I like tuberose, but I don't like coconut so her Tuberose would not work for me. Sometimes, tuberose smells coconut-ty, other times it has this almost smoky tone, which I love!


  11. Ines July 7, 2011 at 18:49 Reply

    Suzanne, it is good for summer. These days, how ever much I love tuberose, I'm not wearing it much as it's very hot outside and I don't want to cause faintness in other people (and myself).But this one I can spray with no worries, well, I just might attract a tall, handsome stranger but I can live with that. 😉


  12. Ines July 7, 2011 at 18:52 Reply

    Sorry, JoanElaine, I just assumed you're on the Birgit's side of the fence. :)But I'm aware not everyone is a fan of coconut (although I am one).Since you mentioned the smoky tones, did you try the Histoires des Parfums tuberose trio?


  13. […] tuberose choices I will be dealing with in days to come include: MdO Tubereuse, Guerlain Mahora, Noix de Tubereuse by Miller Harris, the HdP Tuberose trio (Virginale, […]


  14. […] other ambery choices will include MdO Ambre, Ambra Nobile by Nobile 1942 and Le Labo Labdanum […]


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