James Rollins: The Devil Colony

I feel reviewing Sigma series novels by James Rollins no longer serves any purpose. They are all good. 🙂

Equally good. If I had to name one that was my favourite, I’d always go with the last one in the series because that one would be the most fresh and action-packed in my mind.

I might put some spoilers in this but they will be small ones.

What I admire about Mr. Rollins is the research that obviously goes into every one of his books and the fact that he comes across so many different intriguing ideas and puts them together into a fictional story that could so very easily be true.

I want to know why I can’t read random facts and combine them in my head in such incredible scenarios?!
I mean, after reading how he combines them, it feels logical everyone should be able to. And that is in my mind a good sign that the research for the book and the writing were solid. Ok, that sounds lukewarm. They were more in the hot category than lukewarm.

I do wish I had more time on my hands so I could read the books recommended at the end of The Devil Colony. Those books were the basics from which this novel sprung.

And I’ll give you a quick idea of what’s it about. Again, the Guild and Sigma are opponents, Crowe Painter gets a more prominent role as this novel centers around Native Americans, Founding Fathers and nano technology.
If you can’t imagine how nano technology combines with the first two, read the book. Although, you should start at the beginning of the series in order to get the right idea.
But, if you did read the series so far, I’d also suggest reading the short story featuring Seichan – The Skeleton Key – as it’s a good lead into the novel.

And I finally got some answers about  Gray’s love life I was wondering about in the last book. So, it wasn’t Seichan in his bed by the end of the last novel (so mean of Mr. Rollins to tease us so) and the relationship between Gray and Seichan won’t bloom suddenly as this book was want to show but something is building there.
And this time, the kiss was on Gray’s initiative. Not that it counts a lot regarding the situation. (that was my spoiler for the day)

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