Laurell K. Hamilton: Bloody Bones

Like I said in my previous post, this book has some months passing somewhere in the fantasy world.

Here is where we get to meet fairies for the first time in Laurell’s world (later she started writing another series that deals with fairy world, Merry Gentry series).

I don’t want to give away much details because first, if I start, I will just keep adding another and another, and I don’t want to tell you much about the book, it should be read.

But I’ll give a few teasers. 🙂

Jean-Claude and Anita come up against some new types of monsters (some of which are vampires but are just eeww and plain evil. And this time, the bad guys are actually stronger than they are (meaning Jean-Claude, Master Vampire of the city of St. Louis and Anita with her faith and guns – you can’t use a cross unless you are a believer).

So, the plot gets complicated again, I actually forgot how much until I read the book again, and in this one Anita actually gets offered something by a vampire she cannot refuse. And that’s as far as I’ll go. 🙂

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