Laurell K. Hamilton: The Killing Dance

This is the book where I can say Finally!!!

After being celibate for so long, Anita finally has sex with someone in this book (those who have read know but if there is someone who hasn’t I don’t want to spoil it).

And I did say just now finally but at some point during my first time through the series, I kept thinking it started turning into porn and not being supernatural crime-thriller stuff.

There was no sex before because if she slept with Richard, and Jean Claude having the same opportunities to woo her, that would put her in a somewhat sticky situation and Richard wanted her to see him shift before they sleep together.

Well, she sees him shift. And she also sees him go against his boy scout mentality and kill the pack leader (sorry for this spoiler) which goes completely against what he stands for.

There is also a new vampire in town (just visiting) who needs Anita’s help. Especially so after it seems that the three of them formed a triumvirate of power. Ok, not seems, they actually do form it and it’s going to land them in so much trouble later. πŸ™‚

Of course, what else would one expect in Anita’s life but more trouble whatever choice she makes.
There is so much more happening in the book that can never all appear here, and while writing this I realized that all Anita Blake books are filled with a lot of stuff happening. Never a minute to take a breath.

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2 thoughts on “Laurell K. Hamilton: The Killing Dance

  1. Krista Janicki April 6, 2010 at 22:53 Reply

    I LOVED the first few Anita books, but found that the series degraded over time. It became mostly porn with paper thin stories seeming to be just filler between one sex scene to the next. And a never ending series of supernatural excuses for why Anita has to have so much sex. Also, why must Anita develop a new supernatural power or two in every book? Why isn't raiing the dead and being pretty good with a gun enough? Human servant, Bolverk, triumvarates, multiple inner beasts, it never ends. Not to mention the "healing hoo-ha." That's right folks, she has several different kinds of restoritive powers down below.As for the sex, LK Hamilton also seems to develop certain fetishes, that were um, tiresome after a while.


  2. Ines April 7, 2010 at 11:01 Reply

    He,he, he. I see you are still upset with the slow degradation of the series. πŸ™‚ I learned to live with it but I am no longer inclined to buy hardcovers, I am content to wait for paperbacks.You know, when I was first reading the series, it felt very strange how she went from a chaste animator to a sex "goddess" but since I read a lot of paranormal (romance) stuff afterwards, now I'm kinda used to it – although I know I won't be getting some hard-packed action stories as the series progresses, I'll be getting some hard sex stories. Win some, lose some. :)And you're right, after a while all sex scenes tend to sound the same.


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