Laurell K. Hamilton: The Lunatic Cafe

I was lazy the last few days so I’m 3 books behind with reviews of Anita Blake. đŸ™‚ Now is the time to fix that.

As you might be aware, Anita is by now dating the Master of the City and Richard, a werewolf alpha (not yet pack leader though). In this book, she is helping the police with some nasty murders while at the same time being asked by the leader of the pack Marcus to help find 8 missing shifters. And not tell the police which she is helping with some shifter murders that some of the shifters are missing. Complicated?
At the same time, she gets in some pissing contest with the sheriff department (they are all agressive idiots, but some are cunning). Anyway, the standard troubles follow her, as well as slowly getting a new enemy, Raina (Marcus’s lupa, werewolf partner – she is just evil).
With some help and threats from Edward (they are always considering what would happen if they really had to fight against each other).
And I just realized I shouldn’t do this to mayself in the future, I got confused now about which is the book that has that problem in the time passing by too fast (it’s the end of this, and the beginning of next).
What else I can say – the usual Anita stuff, dark, bloody, and very interesting (honestly sometimes she is just too funny). đŸ™‚

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