Kreativ blogger goes to…

I finally got to the part that I like almost the most as being nominated – I get to nominate blogs I’ve enjoyed reading very much (in no particular order):

Carol’s unique way of presenting fragrance never misses – I can always imagine what she is smelling and I wish I was smelling it with her (when she is smelling something nice which is most of the time).

I think lightning would strike me if I didn’t nominate Divina and her blog. 🙂 Divina’s poetic writing on perfume never fails to inspire.

I keep wondering how Diana comes up with post names. 🙂 They are always interesting – ok, my guess is that they come from songs (great idea btw to incorporate that into posts) but unfortunately for me, I’m not that familiar with all of them. That doesn’t stop me to enjoy them though.

I didn’t know what the blog was about but I got fascinated by the name (which I can somewhat relate to, everyone who knows me keeps making chicken when I come). It turns out there’s a wealth of fragrance, books, movies and gardening thoughts to be found there.

This list wouldn’t ve complete without Simone’s blog (once more thank you for nominating me). She writes about romance, history and writing all in one and transports you to a salon from a 19th century when you visit her blog – which I do regurarly because if I can’t visit such a salon in real life (I as an Aquarius live in the wrong time but they get it wrong when they say it only concerns future, it does not), I can do it over at Simone’s. 🙂

Rita from the Left Coast never fails to impress with her thoughts on perfume which are at the same time provoking and hilariously funny. I love people whose minds are free.

Last but not least, a blog that promotes positive thinking. Each time I try to give my thoughts on the idea of the week, my mind ends up somewhere unexpected. What better way to get to know oneself?

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2 thoughts on “Kreativ blogger goes to…

  1. I've followed the links and even followed a few of your nominees blog so thanks for sharing.You have a brilliant weekend.Hugs,Simone


  2. Ines December 12, 2009 at 15:10 Reply

    Simone, I'm glad you like them. 🙂 I didn't have the time to list them yet, but there are blogs on your list I like very much.A great weekend to you too! 🙂


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