I hate the fact that…

1. I go to sleep and while falling asleep I get this great idea for a post which is at least half – if not completely lost by morning.

2. You cannot tell which wine is going to cause a headache in the morning, even taken in small amounts and tasting great.

3. It’s raining and raining and raining. No end in sight to all the rain and cloudiness here in Zagreb.

4. Someone names a perfume “Naughty little minx” getting my hopes up and it turns up smelling like fruit candy. Yuck!

5. I’m paying the price of recession because someone was greedy and is not being sentenced to a life in jail, while I’m the one who got her pay reduced because of it.

6. Continuing the previous point, our goverment for the last 20 years stole from wherever they could (including the state budget) and now when they have no more money, they decided we have to give them another 4% from our pays because they don’t have enough money for government obligations. How totally “nice” that we have to pay for their incompetence and stealing!

7. Nobody wants a free book. Of any kind.

8. I don’t have enough free time to do everything I want.

9. I need to start thinking about having children even though I feel so young and unready.

10. I can’t do something I love and earn a lot of money doing it.

11. It’s much easier for men to lose weight.

12. I keep forgetting things I want to say or do. Then I remember them, and forget again. Eventually I remember and do them, but not as soon as I wanted to.

13. I cannot find a shampoo and conditioner appropriate for this time of year and the fact that my hair is more dry than usual.

14. You have to take great care what you eat and drink in order not to feel and look bloated.

15. Living in Croatia is so frustrating, and nobody in power takes notice and feels badly for causing it, while more and more Croatians feel the need to take antidepressants.


3 thoughts on “I hate the fact that…

  1. The Left Coast Nose November 9, 2009 at 17:01 Reply

    Well, I know this rant was from a few days ago. I hope that mood has passed.As I read it, I was thinking that you were expressing what SO MANY people are feeling right now!! I think that's why they call it a "depression!" And, if it makes you feel any better– I can't speak about the conditions in Croatia, but folks in America are feeling pretty fed up with bankers, politicians, and the rest of the whole sorry lot right now.At least we have perfume– a beautiful hobby that fills us with pleasure to share with other people.Rita @leftcoastnose


  2. Ines November 10, 2009 at 11:12 Reply

    Hey Rita, it does help ranting and thus taking things off your chest. And I agree, having perfume as hobby is actually anti-stress therapy for me – so many times I smell something wonderful and feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe more easily. Does that happen to you as well?


  3. The Left Coast Nose November 11, 2009 at 16:24 Reply

    Yes!! In fact, I just had that experience yesterday. I was in a terrible mood, (I hate the holidays, but here they come anyway…), but I had to meet a friend for an errand. Before, though, I went to a perfume counter and started sniffing. The funny thing was, when I first got there, I was feeling so low, I didn't even want to sniff anything!! That all changed, though, after a few minutes, and I left there feeling refreshed and sweet-smelling.-Rita


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