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Shopping for high-end cosmetic products in Zagreb

Basically, if you really don’t have to, don’t do it.
I, on the other hand, don’t have any choice because there is no trip abroad anywhere on the horizon for me so I did some shopping today. Well, I do it often enough to have gained some insights I’d like to share even though I don’t suspect many of my readers might actually find themselves in this situation. 🙂

My first stop was Martimex, which used to be one of my favourite shops for high-end cosmetics and perfumes (while I still knew nothing about niche). This is not the first time I arrived and whatever I asked for particularly, they didn’t have. So, I didn’t find the face illuminator I wanted and ended with Touche Eclat by YSL again (it’s not bad but I wanted something different). They didn’t have any primers of any kind. And the eye cream I didn’t ask for anything specific so I took Guerlain’s home with me.  This is really starting to get on my nerves, each time I come, they don’t have most of the products I’m looking for, even though they carry the lines. My purchase got me one Moschino perfume sample (one I got last time as well).
I have no idea what’s happening with them, I mean, I have a pretty good guess but the way they are going, they are just losing customers. Yes, I know it’s recession time and I guess they don’t earn as much money as before but hey, this way they are not going to improve the situation.

Although, if they are losing customers, Iris perfumery is probably not going to be getting them. Each time I get there, all the SAs try and sell Sisley products to me. Always and all of them. Then, when I say that I have something else on my mind, we move on to that. So, today, after saying I’m not giving 200$ for a Sysleya primer (or however you spell that), I got the Sisley one. 🙂 And lo and behold, they have a special offer – when you buy one Lancaster product, you get the other one for free. As I’m a proficient shoppingholic, I could not pass such an offer (and I’m almost done with those I have) so I got a day and night cream. All this amounted to almost the double what I paid in Martimex and earned me no samples. I guess that free cream counts as one big sample. I wouldn’t even be mentioning this if it were the first time, which it isn’t. And I’m certainly not going to ask for them.
You see, the thing here is, all the SAs working in stores like that don’t need to buy any cosmetic products – they have all those free samples just lying there and why give them to customers when they can use them themselves.
Btw, here is where I should mention that I get more cosmetic samples from Bamapharm pharmacy where I don’t buy the stuff.

And to end my rant today – I’ll just mention Douglas which I didn’t visit today but do it often enough. They usually have what you are looking for, if the SA can find it. Although, most of them need to be asked to just give you what it is you want because usually they cannot be trusted to suggest the right thing.
Plus, just a word of caution – which I learned the hard way, anything available to public with a lid on it (like a body butter or similar) needs to be opened prior to purchase in case someone decided before you to partly remove the foil and test the product.
But at least your bag will contain some samples.

Sorry, I had to get this off my chest – this is years of frustration pouring out. 🙂

I’m spoiled!

Or as I’d prefer putting it, I know exactly what I don’t want and I have a relatively good idea of what I do want.

The realization really came about quite unexpectedly.

I was going home from work and had some chores on the way home which made me pass by my local Douglas (well, I mapped the walking route so it would pass my Douglas) and I went in to see and try if they have something new.
And they did! They had the new Calvin Klein Beauty and Carolina Herrera 212 VIP something (there comes a whole sentence in the name after the VIP part). Anyway, it took VIP approximately 2 minutes to display its nasty, throat-raspy side (my experience so far is that it’s some kind of a synthetic musk or flower accord, whatever it is, please, stop using it!). Beaty kept its pace ok, not that I would consider buying it ok, but it wasn’t in my throat. Until there wafted a freshly washed accord out of it and not exactly raspiness, but my nose wasn’t grateful.

My question now is, why on earth aren’t those ingredients banned by the IFRA because they are the only ones that actually have a physical effect on my body? And they are going to have it even if someone else puts it on. I’ve smelled a lot of essential oils so far and I can tell you none of those ever made any similar impact.
I want IFRA to ban this. It irritates my throat.

I’m more and more for the natural stuff.

Which got proven later today. I came home and went to take a shower and decided to use my all natural peeling on my body as well (it’s a small bottle so I was saving it for my face mostly). I got it from the Scented Djinn – their Etsy shop.

I don’t know their names, I have two peelings (I couldn’t find them on their site now). One is made from oat flakes and the other from cane sugar, ground almonds and ground raw coconut.
Usually when I use a regular peeling, I need to moisturize my skin a lot because even though it makes my skin smooth, it dries it at the same time. Not this natural one. I feel good all over just thinking about it. My skin is both soft and moisturized at the same time. I cannot describe how wonderful it made me feel to walk out of a shower feeling my skin was refreshed and not dry.
I admit, I’m as obsessed with my skin as I’m with my hair. 🙂

And here is where I return to what I started with. I’m now spoiled for perfumes that don’t make my throat ache (or smell freshly laundered) and I want to use products on my body that work with my skin and not against it (meaning I need to use another product to supress the negative effect of the previously used one). I’m not usually the conspiracy theory type but this is definitely making me re-think the basis on which the whole cosmetics industry resides.

Pic by: http://www.sodahead.com/

I hate the fact that…

1. I go to sleep and while falling asleep I get this great idea for a post which is at least half – if not completely lost by morning.

2. You cannot tell which wine is going to cause a headache in the morning, even taken in small amounts and tasting great.

3. It’s raining and raining and raining. No end in sight to all the rain and cloudiness here in Zagreb.

4. Someone names a perfume “Naughty little minx” getting my hopes up and it turns up smelling like fruit candy. Yuck!

5. I’m paying the price of recession because someone was greedy and is not being sentenced to a life in jail, while I’m the one who got her pay reduced because of it.

6. Continuing the previous point, our goverment for the last 20 years stole from wherever they could (including the state budget) and now when they have no more money, they decided we have to give them another 4% from our pays because they don’t have enough money for government obligations. How totally “nice” that we have to pay for their incompetence and stealing!

7. Nobody wants a free book. Of any kind.

8. I don’t have enough free time to do everything I want.

9. I need to start thinking about having children even though I feel so young and unready.

10. I can’t do something I love and earn a lot of money doing it.

11. It’s much easier for men to lose weight.

12. I keep forgetting things I want to say or do. Then I remember them, and forget again. Eventually I remember and do them, but not as soon as I wanted to.

13. I cannot find a shampoo and conditioner appropriate for this time of year and the fact that my hair is more dry than usual.

14. You have to take great care what you eat and drink in order not to feel and look bloated.

15. Living in Croatia is so frustrating, and nobody in power takes notice and feels badly for causing it, while more and more Croatians feel the need to take antidepressants.

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