WoW: Sabrina Jeffries

Finally! It took me quite long these last few days to finish a book. Any book. Because I have 3 more waiting half-read until I decide what I would like to read. I suppose it is a consequence of how I’ve been feeling lately – nothing seems to be able to lift my mood for a longer period of time. I’d actually rather not discuss it here, but in short, I hate politicians and the way they “run” my country. One of these days when my frustration reaches its peak, I’ll talk more about the climate we live in here.

Enough of that, on to Sabrina Jeffries. You can trust Mrs Jeffries to lift your romance mood right and proper. 🙂 What upset me on the other hand is that she also has a book series on a school for heiresses (girls) same as Mary Balogh. And I kind of got lost who wrote what and what are the characters and stories from which series. My advice is, now both series came to an end, stick to one, and then read the other. In my case that’s completely unachievable since the moment I discover a new author I like, I don’t wait for the series to end (unfortunately) so I kind of lose the previous stories (unless I google and somewhat refresh my memory). Anyway, I lost the thread with School for heiresses even though I have all the books and have read them (I’ll just go through them again – I do find them that good). 🙂

Since I already mentioned Mary Balogh’s school series, just to give a short comparison. I love both series but it somehow seems Balogh’s series is more serious while Jeffries has more fun with her characters and the overall style of writing. I might be mistaken, it is a while since Mary Balogh’s books were front in my mind, what I usually have in my head, after a month or so after, are impressions.

So, after finding my bearings, I enjoyed the book immensely, and the sexy hot scenes which abound. Ok, maybe not abound, but you don’t have to wait half a book for a steamy scene (sometimes even longer) since they are interspersed all over the book. And are quite good. 🙂

I read ‘Dont Bargain with the Devil’ and now I have one more left until I reach the end of series – which is of course the book where the head mistress finds love as well. 🙂 One with the misterious cousin Michael with whom she corresponds through all the books but doesn’t know who he is. I can’t wait to discover it myself! 🙂 Ok, so, I peeked a bit at a spoiler on amazon… It couldn’t be helped, I don’t have time to start reading at the moment and I wanted to know. 😉
Anyway, if it isn’t clear from what I wrote until now, Sabrina Jeffries is definitely one of top romance writers in my book. 😉
One whose books I buy whenever I can find them (or they come out) even though the excerpt might not sound terribly interesting.
Excerpts are often misleading.

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