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Some romance for cold winter days (or nights)

Stephanie Laurens: In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster

I’ve been following the Cynsters forever. 🙂 I have to say I didn’t expect there would be more after the original Devil’s crew of rakes, but luckily, there are always other family members on the lookout for love (or not). 🙂

This is the second book in the trilogy and we still have Angelica’s and laird’s story left (to come out soon, luckily for me). 🙂
In this book, we get to know the laird much better and I really appreciated that, it made me eager to read his story when the time comes. As obviously the first 2 kidnappings of Cynster sisters (so he can marry one because of a complicated story) didn’t work out well for him.

I must say though, the lead male character Jeremy (a scholar turning half-warrior during the novel) is incredibly fun to read. He and Eliza go through some peril and a serious adventure during which both grow as people and fall in love (of course) with each other through their adversities. I particularly loved their theorizing as to why they should take advantage of the fact that she is obviously ruined (as she had to spend nights with only him as company). 🙂
Jeremy is also one of the rare male characters in romance novels who, even though he could have the woman he loves without him declaring it, decides to take all the facts into account and state his true feelings.
In the end, they both grow as people and show their families their true worth. 🙂

Sabrina Jeffries: A Lady Never Surrenders

This is the last novel of the Hellions of Halstead, the story of the youngest sister, Celia an Jackson Pinter, the investigator into the murder of her parents. The investigation starts in the first novel and runs through the whole year, which is how much time all 5 of them have in order to get marries unless their grandmother disinherits them.

Celia is the most fragile of them, not in appearance so much, but in emotions. Which is why her love story with Pinter (who has some problems of his own) is fraught with misunderstanding (and some heavy passion). I have to say, this seems one of the better S. Jeffries novels I read in a long time. She is always good, but this one made me react to many of the stories encounters. And that is one of the ways I know a story is good (any kind of story).
In the end, the manage to understand each other (through some serious misunderstandings and flounderings on Mr. Pinter’s part – of course, he is a man, understanding female feelings is a bit difficult for him).

As this is the last Hellion of Halstead to get her love story, of course that the murder of their parents is solved.

Linda Mooney: Captive Surrender

I find the premise of the story, even though it’s set in a future universe that doesn’t exist, a bit scary and unfortunately possible. Kidnapping people and forcing them to have sex in order to broadcast it all over the universe (in this case) in order to make money seems not so far fetched in today’s world.
Maurra is a member of Psi Police Corps and is kidnapped and forced into this by a guy she formerly sent to prison who got free.
And as the story is set in a universe full of different species, of course, her kidnapped partner is of another (much bigger) species. The problem is, it is forbidden to have inter-species relations and her a member of police force that uses their psi powers, she both needs to uphold the law as well as help the innocent, who is in this predicament because of her.

In the end, they break free and then a whole another set of problems occurs but the story is interesting, fast-paced and well a bit too short. 🙂 I could have used a couple of more pages of this story. Especially as it’s a sci-fi romance, something I haven’t read in a while (I forgot how good they can get).

The only question I am left with is, is Maurra completely human in appearance or not? As there is a mention of her having 3 arms which are never explained afterwards. And I wondered where would you place a third arm on a human body… (as this was advanced uncorrected proof, that could account for this particular problem)

P.S. As I read this on my Kindle, I only now saw the cover – I have to say, Maurra looks much better (and smarter) in my mind than on that cover.

Sabrina Jeffries: The Forbidden Lord

I have to say I am immensely happy that this whole genre exists (romance) because when my life gets too stressed, they are the ones I reach for.
Something easy to read and relax, without having to concentrate much on the intricacies of the story and possibly losing a crucial information along the way.

Ok, so, what I just wrote doesn’t sound particularly positive but that’s not how I meant it. 🙂

I’ve tried a lot of different romance authors but there are some I know I cannot go wrong with. And Sabrina Jefrries is one of them.
For some reason, I skipped the first novel in the Lords series as it sounded like there wasn’t aristocracy involved but as that couple is referenced in subsequent novels, I can see I’ll have to go back.
Not that that would be a hard thing to do. 🙂

So, the story is well, typical. 🙂 Wherein lies the beauty.

Jordan doesn’t believe in love, having bad experience of his parents marriage but meets a rector’s daughter Emily by accident and is intrigued by her but as that was an accidental  meeting, there’s not much chance of them meeting again.
That is, until she is forced into a scheme by a mean lord and has to play a part that goes against everything she believes in but has to do it to save her father.  Too complicated for me to explain but the story is easy and fun to read.

So much so in fact that I had tp start with the next one in the series, The Dangerous Lord even though I have exams to deal with.

Sabrina Jeffries: Only a Duke Will Do

Sabrina Jeffries is along with S. Laurens, my favourite historical romance writer. I can always count on her books to make my day (in this genre, there are other writers who can do that as well).  I have to admit though that in this case I waited for quite a while to start reading this book, because the main characters have some history from another of Mrs. Jeffries novels and considering that, I had a problem seeing how that can be successfully resolved.

I was still a bit sceptical when I started reading it and realized that the Duke of Foxmoor was going to court Lousia under false pretenses. Ok, yes, as most of those types of characters, he tries to tell himself that it’s all not for love but passion and all for the good. I was shaking my head at the beginning when Simon agrees with the king to marry Lousia (king’s I think illegitimate daughter) in order for the king to make him a prime minister, of course, with Louisa never knowing of that agreement.

Well, I’m sure you can guess how that part went. 😉 Anyway, it turns out, I can understand why Simon acts the way he does, but my hat goes down to Louisa and her character. I know I am sometimes too proud for my own good so when she does some things in the name of love (and she reacts correctly in the situation), I kept thinking, ok, I would probably lose the love of my life (in that particular case) due to my own pride.

I know people treat romance novels like  something that is not good literature but it’s also a genre in which a writer can express his or her talent, and I’ve been proven once again that Sabrina Jeffries obviously has it. Her characters are always believable and their discussions lively, funny and you never know who is going to win which round.

Of course, I don’t think I’d love her novels so much if all the female characters weren’t such strong women.

WoW: Sabrina Jeffries

Finally! It took me quite long these last few days to finish a book. Any book. Because I have 3 more waiting half-read until I decide what I would like to read. I suppose it is a consequence of how I’ve been feeling lately – nothing seems to be able to lift my mood for a longer period of time. I’d actually rather not discuss it here, but in short, I hate politicians and the way they “run” my country. One of these days when my frustration reaches its peak, I’ll talk more about the climate we live in here.

Enough of that, on to Sabrina Jeffries. You can trust Mrs Jeffries to lift your romance mood right and proper. 🙂 What upset me on the other hand is that she also has a book series on a school for heiresses (girls) same as Mary Balogh. And I kind of got lost who wrote what and what are the characters and stories from which series. My advice is, now both series came to an end, stick to one, and then read the other. In my case that’s completely unachievable since the moment I discover a new author I like, I don’t wait for the series to end (unfortunately) so I kind of lose the previous stories (unless I google and somewhat refresh my memory). Anyway, I lost the thread with School for heiresses even though I have all the books and have read them (I’ll just go through them again – I do find them that good). 🙂

Since I already mentioned Mary Balogh’s school series, just to give a short comparison. I love both series but it somehow seems Balogh’s series is more serious while Jeffries has more fun with her characters and the overall style of writing. I might be mistaken, it is a while since Mary Balogh’s books were front in my mind, what I usually have in my head, after a month or so after, are impressions.

So, after finding my bearings, I enjoyed the book immensely, and the sexy hot scenes which abound. Ok, maybe not abound, but you don’t have to wait half a book for a steamy scene (sometimes even longer) since they are interspersed all over the book. And are quite good. 🙂

I read ‘Dont Bargain with the Devil’ and now I have one more left until I reach the end of series – which is of course the book where the head mistress finds love as well. 🙂 One with the misterious cousin Michael with whom she corresponds through all the books but doesn’t know who he is. I can’t wait to discover it myself! 🙂 Ok, so, I peeked a bit at a spoiler on amazon… It couldn’t be helped, I don’t have time to start reading at the moment and I wanted to know. 😉
Anyway, if it isn’t clear from what I wrote until now, Sabrina Jeffries is definitely one of top romance writers in my book. 😉
One whose books I buy whenever I can find them (or they come out) even though the excerpt might not sound terribly interesting.
Excerpts are often misleading.
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