Ilona Andrews or the beginning of WoW

By now, I guess you got a picture of how much I love to read. 🙂 That’s actually an understatement, but never mind now. All this week I’ve been thinking about the book I read over the weekend and how I was positively surprised by it (I’ll get to that part) so yesterday I decided to gather my books and author comments into a new feature: Writer of (the) Week (WoW just sounds and looks better than WotW so please forgive the non-existant “the”).

This week’s author is Ilona Andrews who is actually Ilona and Gordon Andrews but the books are published (the ones I read) just under Ilona. I’ve been reading their Kate Daniels series and while thinking about this post, I realized that I have no idea how to classify most of what I read. I mean there are so many categories, ok, so it is paranormal, is it at the same time urban? Urban fantasy? Paranormal romance? 🙂 So, I just read and do not bother with discerning what type it is – I either like it and will continue reading the series, or I won’t.

Since I’ve read book 3 over the weekend (Magic strikes) you can safely assume I like the series. Well, now I do. It almost lost me on book 1 (Magic bites). The first book seemed undefined, characters not enough evolved and I got lost in the world created by the Andrewses. The book 2 was better, but I’m hooked with the book 3 and now I can’t wait for the next one. The third book finally answered some questions I’ve had since book 1 and explained some of the history of the characters. And now it seems they are prepared for new dangerous assignments. 🙂

As you probably deduced from title of books, there is magic, there are vampires (have to admit, the Andrewses have got a completely new angle on those), were animals, etc. If you are just starting with paranormal fiction, then Kate Daniels might not be the place to start. But if this part of fiction world is already familiar territory, then give it a try.

And you do know what is the signature idea/crucial premise of all these paranormal fantasy books?

The kick-ass heroine. 🙂

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