The smell of Warm sand

It was my bad decision this morning not to go again with Organza 2008 Harvest which got listed in Sniffa article as one of Elena’s Scents for a sultry summer and chose to put on something that might deceive one into thinking it’s going to be warm, sunny and if you’re lucky, slightly oriental. Hence my choice of Matthew Williamson’s Warm sand. It’s actually funny, I didn’t know what are the listed notes but for some reason thought it was going to be similar to Bronze goddess which, OK does not bring to mind sands of Morocco, but it does bring to mind warm beach sand and accompanying ideas.

I’ve read that Warm sand was supposed to evoke Morocco and if you take the name into accound, maybe then the sands of Morocco. It is also listed as oriental.

Here are the notes (what I was able to find): ginger, lilly, saffron, rust, musk, sandalwood.

I’ve been wondering all day how exactly would this fall into the oriental category since most of what I smell is lilly with a metallic hint. I actually did get some saffron 2 hours into wearing but it went away quickly and now it’s still metallic lilly (with slight aquatic whisper?). It comes nowhere near to being an oriental on me, just floral.

I haven’t been to Morocco but I can’t imagine it would smell like lilly – or floral as in continental Europe floral. To be honest, there is some hint of saltiness in the end (I keep wondering now is it me, or is there something in different perfumes that hints at saltiness?).

I got a 5ml decant of this and I don’t plan on wearing it again (there are so many nicer things waiting at home for me). 🙂

So, if anyone is interested in trying the rest of my decant, please let me know by Friday and it will be on your way (in case there is more than one interested sniffer, I will randomly pick one on Friday).
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