Spring restlessness

I know all my posts are named spring something lately but I can’t help it, I am way happy that it’s finally warm and sunny (though it’s a bit too warm too last).
What I wanted to say today is that I woke this morning restless and edgy because still half asleep I concluded I have no spring scent at my boyfriend’s place to put this morning. And that was followed by another irritating realization, my make-up collection is not spring ready.
Spring this year has come late and a bit unexpectedly for me so I am not prepared (my wardrobe isn’t either). Now, I already have a list of things to look up at home and bring over to my boyfriend’s so I wouldn’t wake too early restless beacuse I’m not going to enjoy something green and budding like the scenery around me these days. Ideas what I might try anyone?
I also found a perfect eye shadow palette from Estee Lauder that unfortunately I’m not going to own, since first, it’s sold out on their site, and secondly, the Bronze goddess collection hasn’t made an appearance in CRoatia so far. There are some nice palettes from Bourjois and YSL but none as perfect as this one. Well, you can’t have everything. And after reading Divina’s post on lipgloss, I realized I don’t have any in a spring tone. I guess a bit more shopping is in store for me. šŸ˜‰
Let you know how my shopping went.

Image: http://www.esteelauder.com

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