Better than this? – Not likely

To start with the spring again, it’s still warm and hopefully it will stay around this temperature a while yet. I like it when it’s not too warm and not too cold, I want to enjoy spring this year. Last few years what was happening was that we went directly from winter to summer, without those lovely green, fresh, sunny spring days. Well, this year it has lasted 10 days for now, and we keep counting. πŸ™‚

That was just the beginning, what is actually making these days so perfect is the fact that there is Douglas store freshly opened in the center of Zagreb! That is good news on so many levels. First, they carry several perfume brands that were previously unavailabale in Croatia, like Prada, Acqua di parma, Viktor & Rolf, Ed Hardy, and those are just the ones off the top of my head. They also carry Orlane which wasn’t available either and it’s just well, unbelievable. πŸ™‚

One of the reasons this is making me so happy, is because now there are several such stores in Zagreb, and most of them concentrated in the centre of the city so my hope is that now they are all having such heavy competition, getting samples and all sorts of gifts with particular purchases are going to increase. I don’t know if that’s typical only of Croatia but since I’ve been getting much more samples for much lesser purchase everywhere else, I’d say it’s typical for us, anyway sale assistants seem to be very stingy with samples, and I’m not going to talk about what I think of that, but you can guess.

So, it seems Zagreb is slowly becoming somewhat of a heaven for a budding perfumista. πŸ™‚ Sure, we don’t have so many brands, but we have Institut Parfumeur Flores and some similar stores (smaller and with much less of a choice, but still niche brands) and all this generic brands in quite a lot of different stores. And on top of that, I got my Lucky scent Le Labo sample pack, so I’ll be enjoying that this week as well. Ahh, spring is just perfect this year! πŸ™‚

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