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Croatian design spotlight – Zoe Leggings

This week I decided to show you my favorite Croatian leggings. I own 4 pairs. 😀

That said, until I actually bought some, I never realized how hard it was to actually fit them into a wardrobe. 🙂

Still, I love wearing them and I love that the new collection features a new warm material (thermo) for these cold days.

Here are some photos of the type of leggings Tamara Ivić creates (and mine are shown as well).


My favorite pair


Second favorite pair 🙂


And the middle ones are great too

zoe3 zoe6


For more information and pictures, you can follow Zoe leggings on Facebook. They also have bathing suits during summer and some other clothing items in interesting designs.


All pics taken from Zoe leggings facebook site with their permission.

Croatian design spotlight – Danijela Bilic

I know it’s been long since I wrote a post and I am really working on getting my schedule in order so I can write (and smell) more often.
In the meantime, I want to share with you some of the Croatian designers I discovered in the last months (some even years) that I think do a wonderful job with addition that their stuff is actually affordable to most people.
I also admire them for the fact that they decided to follow their passion. I sometimes wonder if something is wrong with me that I have general interests but don’t feel so passionate about any of them (I’m blaming it all on being an Aquarius).

So today, my first choice is Danijela Bilic who creates absolutely wonderful bags. Her designs can be found on Facebook and I am posting some of my favorite designs here (those among which I cannot decide). 🙂

bilic6bilic5 bilic4 bilic3bilic2 bilic1



The idea behind the bags is to wear a little piece of art and well, I can completely see that. The size of most of the bags is around 30 cm in diameter and they are made of artificial leather. The size seems perfect and all bags are handmade by Danijela herself.

The whole idea started with Danijela making a bag for her sister (that’s what she wrote in one of the posts on Facebook) and after receiving great feedback, a collection started to form. All this happened some 4 years ago and I’m ashamed to admit that I only found out about the bags a month ago. 🙂

Well, better late than never. 😉

So, go check out her whole collection and see if you could decide which one you like the best.


P.S.I love the look of Twilight but for a change, I’d like a bag that isn’t black so now I’m having a hard time deciding which color to choose.

There is time until my birthday yet… 😉


Pictures used with permission from Danijela (all hers).


It seems counter-intuitive to get new caps when spring is here, but I just couldn’t resist them. I saw them on Carol’s blog and asked if she could make one or two for me.
Then I saw the colors and decided one (two) weren’t enough.
So, these are my beginner selfie attempts to show you the caps. 🙂

Please ignore my strange-looking face in these attempts.

Carol, thank you so much!

DSC_0861 - Copy

DSC_0859 - Copy



Spring restlessness

I know all my posts are named spring something lately but I can’t help it, I am way happy that it’s finally warm and sunny (though it’s a bit too warm too last).
What I wanted to say today is that I woke this morning restless and edgy because still half asleep I concluded I have no spring scent at my boyfriend’s place to put this morning. And that was followed by another irritating realization, my make-up collection is not spring ready.
Spring this year has come late and a bit unexpectedly for me so I am not prepared (my wardrobe isn’t either). Now, I already have a list of things to look up at home and bring over to my boyfriend’s so I wouldn’t wake too early restless beacuse I’m not going to enjoy something green and budding like the scenery around me these days. Ideas what I might try anyone?
I also found a perfect eye shadow palette from Estee Lauder that unfortunately I’m not going to own, since first, it’s sold out on their site, and secondly, the Bronze goddess collection hasn’t made an appearance in CRoatia so far. There are some nice palettes from Bourjois and YSL but none as perfect as this one. Well, you can’t have everything. And after reading Divina’s post on lipgloss, I realized I don’t have any in a spring tone. I guess a bit more shopping is in store for me. 😉
Let you know how my shopping went.

Image: http://www.esteelauder.com

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