A Dozen Roses

Participating in joint blog projects is always fun. :) A big thank you to Ayala for inviting me to think about roses and name a dozen in any way I find them interesting.

I realized, roses feature as people, places and ideas in my mind – so here, in short order are those that managed that:

The Poison RosePaestum Rose by Eau d’Italie

I realized not everyone agrees with me on this one, but I still think of it as featuring thorns while you wear it.

The Seductive one – Lyric by AmouageDozenRosesX12

Sweet and seductive. If you are not careful, you might not even realize it’s a rose. Or that you are seduced.

Spending a day at the SPA?Eau Egyptienne by Cinq Mondes

Easy to like and enjoy during the day where enjoyment and relaxation are the order of the day.

The sexy-contemplative rose Costes by Costes

I’d say it’s sexy if worn by a contemplative man, I don’t think many would agree women are sexy when being contemplative. ;) Or am I wrong? A great review by Suzanne.

Is that a siren coming out of the sea?!Rosam by Histoires de Parfum

The strangeness that is this perfume can shortly be summed up by what a strange sight it would be seeing a siren.

The Prim British Rose –  Mohur by Neela Vermeire

Rose-cheeked Miss drinking tea.

Can it be called a rose? Jabu by Mona di Orio

Possibly not, but there is some rose in there and it deserves a mention for being a perfume evoking happiness.

Dark viney rose – Baie Rose by Le Labo

Hmm, a rose perfume for Batman perhaps?

Dangerously sexy and seductive – Worth Courtesan

I talked about it yesterday – if you want to get noticed, you need not look further. :)

Rose for dessert – Rose flavoured rahat loukhum

The most decadent non-chocolate sweet ever. Leaving a dusting of sugar on your fingers so you have to lick them as well.

It’s been a pleasure and now for some more, please visit other participating blogs:

27 thoughts on “A Dozen Roses

  1. May I venture an addition (or two)?
    The Restrained but Ravishing Rose: Saffron Rose by Grossmith
    The Edwardian Antique Oriental Rose: Hammam Bouquet by Penhaligon’s
    Both appropriate for gentlemen and ladies in this Dandy’s mind.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy.

  2. Well, gosh, I hope women can still be sexy when they’re being contemplative, Ines. :D

    I enjoyed your list and think your description of Mohur is particularly fitting. Makes me want to wear some right now – maybe I’ll go track down my sample.

    • Suzanne, you have a point. It’s just, I never feel sexy when I’m contemplative so that’s why I said it. I should seek a male perspective on that particular point. ;)

  3. I love rose in perfumes – as long as it’s not heavily pared with agarwood ;)

    I’ve discovered Paestum Rose thanks to you. It hasn’t become my favorite perfume but it’s a nice one to wear from time to time – thank you, Ines!

  4. Thank you so much for taking part in the Dozen Roses joint blogging fest!
    I can’t believe there is nary one rose in your list that I’ve tried (not counting the rahat loukum!). So off should I go to source some of Jabu, for happiness in any form is most welcome, especially in the dreary month of February. I’ve got lots of homework to do ;-)

    • Dear Ayala, thank you very much for inviting me! :) It’s been interesting thinking about roses, especially as it seems they’ve been a bit neglected lately.
      And as I have a rather long list of things to try now, I’m glad I’m not the only one. ;)

    • Katie, the thing I find strange is that I don’t really enjoy the sweet taste, I prefer much more the salty stuff, and delight falls into the extreme sweet category but I adore it.
      Mmmmm… *imagining eating it*

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