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Scott Lynch: The Republic of Thieves read-along #4

This week’s questions were provided by Andrea, The Little Red Reviewer.

It’s becoming obvious we’re heading towards the end, I feel a bit raw with this week’s discoveries.

Let’s start with the Espara timeline.images (2)

1. We finally know why Sabetha dies her hair, and that’s so disturbing even the Thiefmaker under Shade’s Hill was disgusted by it. Too dark for this world? Or just right?

Nothing is too dark for this world it seems. But it was almost vomit-inducing. Seriously?! How do people come up with these ideas?! And I would guess it might not have been an actual idea of Mr. Lynch, unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that actually happened during human history.

Hope they burn in hell.

2. The “Asino” brothers are drunken idiots, but they’re not blind. What did you think of the little rendezvous they helped arrange for Sabetha and Locke?

Yaaay! They have good hearts and teenage hormones. Those aren’t mutually exclusive, the heart just might not have time to do its job under all that wine most of the time. 😉

3. Locke managed to get everyone out of the Boulidazi mess we discussed last week . . . what do you think of this latest  Boulidazi complication?

A little rock in the road. 🙂 After the kiss, I think this will be easy. Then again, it might blow up in their faces. Who knows with Mr. Lynch…

And back to Karthain (I’m jumping around in time here, leaving the most important bits for last)

images (1)

4.Time is flying, and the election is getting closer. Desperation calls for cheap tricks. I think my favorite so far is Sabetha’s special roof guards. What’s your favorite election dirty trick so far?

That was brilliant! Ingenious! I think this is my favorite trick. Because it’s funny.

5.There’s a mole in the Deep Roots. Was that person’s identity a surprise to you? And how did you like Locke’s method of identifying the person?

Well it wasn’t surprise once they caught him – it was obvious he was going to be the double agent for Sabetha. I must say I expected Locke to figure it out sooner. The method was good, but I really thought it would be easier for him to figure it out. Oh well, he did have other things to think about…

6.What’s so important about this Lovaris fellow? The election is right around the corner, so why introduce someone new so late in the game? 

Who is Lovaris? I know I read the name and now I can’t remember who he is. Shit. I need to go check.

Oh, yes, I remember. Well, by the end of those two chapters, it seems he is an unwilling participant in a ploy of Locke’s. Possibly. I love the fact that his name makes me think of someone looking for money (lova means money in slang Croatian).

7. It’s so nice that Locke and Sabetha can finally have some nice, normal dinner dates. He even cooks her dinner! But that sneaky Patience, always interrupting everything! Finally, she promises some answers. that’s nice. what, Locke is WHO? Locke is a WHAT? How much of it do you believe?

Basically all, except the fact he is actually the White/Black Amaranth. Or an actual Bondsmagi. Whatever happened, I think he is another person from what Patience thinks. I also agree with Jean when he says she twisted the information she gave him so it would sound as awful as it did.

I’m really scared about reading the end. 😦


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Scott Lynch: The Republic of Thieves read-along #3

This week’s questions were provided by Lynn and you can tell by the questions that the story is seriously heating up. 😉

1) The election competition.  Sabetha isn’t wasting any time throwing pranks at Locke and Jean.  Mostly it seemed fairly harmless, or at least not overly serious, until they were kidnapped and put onto a ship and taken out to sea.  What did you make of Sabetha’s latest plan? And what did you think about the way she executed it?images (2)

She seems to be approaching the competition much more seriously than the guys. At least, as the guys were before they were kidnapped. I think they are going to approach this better now and retaliate in an ingenious (or at least I hope so) way.

2) During the escape overboard and Jean’s rather subtle nose dive into the water – I was curious about the lights Locke saw deep in the water when he was performing his rescue – Locke thought they looked different once he was under the waves which I suppose they would but he also had the feeling that he was being watched?  Do you think this relates back to the Eldren or some other presence? 

I certainly hope so! 🙂 There’s never enough Eldren references/information if you ask me. 😉

3) Given that Locke hadn’t seen Sabetha for five years how did you think their first meeting together went (well, it wasn’t strictly speaking their first meeting of course – were you surprised that Jean and Locke hadn’t figured out that the woman pickpocket was Sabetha?) and also what did you make of Jean and Sabetha’s reaction to each other?

Yes and no. They did figure it out in the end, didn’t they? I just can’t help but get frustrated that Locke keeps thinking that his feelings for her should be taken into account when she approaches a job that entangles Locke as well. I don’t think he understands Sabetha well – we don’t either, and I wonder if by the end of the book we might get some more information on her. I can tell we’re missing some important bits on her life.

4) So, the gang have arrived in Espara and already the plans have gone wrong through no fault of their own!  Jail for a year plus lose a hand for slapping a noble?? What do you think of the justice system in Espara and how does this bode for the gang? 

Should it be called “justice” system?! 🙂

I certainly didn’t expect such problems on their arrival. But it was fun seeing how they dealt with it and rather quickly at that. Talk about some intelligent ingenuity!images (1)

5) The acting company are finally coming together and we’re watching the gang as they try to read, act and grab the best parts – are you all ‘happy face’ with the whole theater scenes or, sad face!  Also, I can’t help feeling like this whole story-line is a step out of character for the gang.  Any ideas of how it will play out??

I’m glad they are trying to get good parts in the play and it seems not all of them are such good actors! 🙂 Didn’t see that coming!

I have no idea how will it play out, I admit I didn’t think they would be able to free the leader of the troupe. Yes, yes, I know, I shouldn’t doubt them but I did. So it’s obvious my guesses are not exactly realistic. 🙂

6) We are also being introduced to a number of new characters, particularly Moncraine and Boulidazi.  What are your first impressions of these two and the other new characters in the Company and any particular likes or dislikes so far?

Actually, I’m not giving them much thought. I just see them as additional characters for the story-line Mr. Lynch needs. 🙂 And for giving flair to the “stale” theater world of Espara. 😉

7) The rooftop scene and the apology.  How did it all go so wrong?  And how will Locke get out of this latest fix with Boulidazi?

He, he, he, it went so wrong because Locke still hasn’t learned to listen well. 😉 At least, that’s how I saw it.

As for Boulidazi, first thing that crossed my mind is that they might play it as an incestuous thing. But since that’s what occurred to me, I’m pretty sure it will be something completely different. But get himself out of it, Locke certainly will. 😉 (I sound like Yoda now)

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Scott Lynch: The Republic of Thieves read along (part 2)

This week’s question were brought to us by Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow and here they are:
Blood And Breath And Water: Patience tells Locke that the ritual to save him is serious business. She wasn’t kidding… What did you make of this scene, and do you think any of it might (perhaps literally) come back to haunt Locke?
Hmm, now you mentioned it, possibly. The end of the process sounded very scary, I admit. A bit exorcistic so I imagine there is something there that might come back to haunt Locke.
images (2)
Orphan’s Moon: Back to the childhood of the Gentlemen Bastards, and here we get another ritual, this one in service to the Nameless Thirteenth. It looks as though it might be Locke vs. Sabetha, round two – but this time Locke seems to be a little slow on that uptake… Who do you think deserves to be given the final oath? Locke or Sabetha?
Honestly, Sabetha. She is the one who actually strives towards her goals. It’s just very unlucky that Locke is obviously more attuned to the minds of others and can somehow make them believe what he wants them to believe. Not that he doesn’t strive, he does, but only when he learns he might actually lose something.
Across The Amathel: This chapter takes a breather for quite a bit of Eldren history, while Locke starts recovering. What do you think of the history lesson, and Patience’s ominous speculation regarding the Eldren? Is this something you’d like to know more about?
Hell yeah! Since the beginning of the series! I don’t think we got enough information here to assuage my curiosity, I should add.
I still hope we’ll learn all there is to learn about Eldren (from the perspective of the world of Locke and Jean).
Striking Sparks: The gang’s off to Espara, after a bad summer and a pretty thorough dressing-down from Chains, and we finally get to the source of the book’s title – they’re bound for the stage! What are your thoughts on this latest ‘challenge’ and the reasons for it?
I think Chains wants to see if they can work as a team when he isn’t there to oversee and get them out of trouble. I’m sure they’ll get into trouble and out of it again, I just wonder how much of it will be caused by their teenage brains. 😉
The Five-Year Game: Starting Position: The election gets underway with a party (as you do) and before it’s even over, the Deep Roots party has problems – and not just thanks to Sabetha. What do you make of Nikoros and his unfortunate habit?
He’s a liability. What it might lead to, I have no idea. It might not come to anything. Then again, it might. I’m thinking they should be paying more attention to what Sabetha has planned because I’m sure she’ll have a lot planned.
Bastards Abroad: The gang arrives in Espara, and already they’ve got problems (nicely mirroring the Five Year Game!)… This aside, we’ve also seen some more of what seems to be eating at Sabetha. Do you sympathize with her, or is Locke right to be frustrated with her?
I sympathize with her. Then again, she is so very stubborn. Possibly why Locke is frustrated with her, she reminds him of himself. 😉 But I’m still more on her side in this, for a change…
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