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The Scent of the Ballet – Penhaligon’s Iris Prima

Recently another company released a perfume based on the ballet story which unfortunately did not live up to the idea I had when reading about it.

If you watch the movie done in collaboration with the English National Ballet, all I can add is – this perfume might (live up to the idea of ballet).

“Iris Prima is a work of olfactory choreography, with Iris Absolute in the role of the prima ballerina. In a unique partnership with English National Ballet, Penhaligon’s has set about capturing the very essence of the ballet, turning to master perfumer Alberto Morillas as choreographer.  Iris Prima will launch on the 9th of September…”

I got goose-bumps watching it. 🙂


P.S. My favourite part: ” Hard work and Deep Heat.”  (it’s what I use on my aching muscles too)

Penhaligon’s Artemisia – my undercover business perfume

And when I say undercover, I mean that it works for me without anyone noticing anything. 🙂

Because, where I work, no one ever comments on perfume (two comments in 5 years don’t count). But I noticed people tend to smile more and feel helpful toward me when I’m wearing Artemisia. So now, I count it as my undercover perfume when I need business situations to go my way.  😉

The strange thing is, I know this perfume and can recall its smell without wearing it, but trying to put it into words – no deal.
I’ve been meaning to review it since I started my blog (which was 3 years ago) but the words i.e. notes eluded me. They still do, but I’ll give it my best (people should  be aware of this little gem).

Head Notes: Nectarine and Green Foliage
Heart Notes: Green Apple, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine Tea, Violet and Vanilla
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber and Vanilla

I would be lying if I said I can smell the fruity notes. The only way for me to know there is some fruit in there is by taking into account the whole I’m smelling – which is florally, powdery sweet with a hint of bitterness and something not letting it be dry and powdery but giving it warmth and joyful sweetness (at points interspersed with fresh burst of an orchard fruity smell).

Oh, I don’t think I’ll get it right this time either.

On the whole, the perfume doesn’t change much, which is completely fine with me, as I love the calming effect it has. And for a perfume that seems so very mellow to me, it has some serious longevity.

My best description of it could be summed up with a creamy, lightly powdery, intricately floral, charming little minx of a perfume.

And for some reason, it reminds me of Paris. The smell of Artemisia never fails to conjure Paris in my mind.

Notes and pic y: http://www.penhaligons.com/

It seems I love Gin-tonic more than I knew – Juniper Sling

Well, I might not be fast but I get there in the end. 🙂

I have to admit I received the samples of Juniper Sling quite a while ago (measured in months, not weeks) and I wanted to write about it but the time never seemed right.
(I should also mention there are quite a few more samples I received waiting their turn)

The thing is, I kept thinking that this was not the right season to talk about a perfume I considered a summer one.
But you see, the thing is, this perfume is the equivalent of gin-tonic. And although that might sound as a refreshing drink, it’s not a singularly summer one, is it?
I mean, I can imagine having one this time of year too. Easy and sparkly, refreshing and calming after a hard day.
And before anyone starts thinking I consider alcohol as a solution, I don’t. I just believe it helps unwind from a work-day and lets you relax a bit.

And that is what Juniper Sling does for me. After the initial burst of junipery gin-tonic freshness to perk you up a bit, it actually relaxes me.
I breathe it in and I can feel my mind and body relaxing with the exhale.

For me, it smells bitterly sparkly, slightly herbal and very juniperish (or anyway of a evergreen tree – I still have a hard time distinguishing between them).
The smell itself doesn’t change that much – it retains that gin-tonic spiced with juniper feel but at the drydown it gets more into skin scent teritorry, acquiring a salty tang underneath, less sparkly, more musky. Perfectly relaxing.

I honestly didn’t think this would get under my skin – I guess I just wasn’t aware of the fact that I was a gin-tonic lover…

I’ll leave you with the video made for the release – I really loved it. 🙂

Head notes: Cinnamon, Orange Brandy, Angelica, Juniper Berry
Heart Notes: Cardamom, Leather, Black Pepper, Orris Wood
Base Notes: Brown Sugar, Black Cherry, Vetiver, Ambrox

Pic by: http://www.thekitchn.com/

SsOTD: Colognes in lieu of summer

Yes, I know, summer officially starts on the 21, but here it sort of sneaks in before that date. Not this year though. It came for a few days preview and now we’re back to early spring rains (but that is supposed to end tomorrow).

So today, instead of enjoying summer warmth, I enjoyed some colognes. One of them brought summer to my room instantly, the other was a feminine cologne (if that is possible?).

Notes for Penhaligon’s Eau de cologne: orange, lemon, bergamot, rosemary, neroli

Since colognes are not the type of scents that are famous for their longevity, I don’t expect them to last long and don’t take it against them.

Unfortunately, I think this is one of those scents that works much better when sprayed. It was very light on me, smelling like a cologne with rose wafting through. Lovely actually, and that’s why I thought feminine. It was elusive and stayed close to the skin so that’s why I think I should spray it on before seeing if it’s really that soft and elusive.

Notes for Heeley’s Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clement’s: oranges, lemons, bergamot, mandarine, neroli, petitgrain, earl gray tea, ylang-ylang, vetiver.

While I was copying the notes, I started wondering if I perhaps mistakes the scents on my arms, but I know I didn’t. It’s just that I was expecting to see here a note pointing toward some evergreen tree.

This is the one that transported me straight to a beach in Croatia, lying in the shade of firs, the smell of sunnscreen wafting on a breeze.

Yes, there was that typical citrusy opening (which was much more stronger in this one) with something peppery in it (I like that very much) and then my beach fantasy started. I don’t want to think about which note in combination with some other brought me my beach fantasy, I just enjoyed the fact that on this dreary, rainy day I got to experience it. 🙂

P.S. I just read the Luckyscent desription of Penhaligon’s Eau de Cologne and now I’m wondering againg if I mistaked this two. I just re-applied and no, I wasn’t mistaken, although both open with lemon peel astringency.

Notes and pic by: http://www.luckyscent.com

SOTD: Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom

I think someone broke my sample. Or more clearly the juice inside. This was made by Mr. Duchafour and as I said the other day, there is almost nothing of his I don’t like – and I was already starting to worry I put my foot in my mouth. Luckily for me, that wasn’t true but it was a bumpy ride for a while (almost an hour!).

Notes: neroli, violet leaves, bergamot, cedrat, cardamom, pink pepper, orange, jasmine, tuberose, rose peach blossoms, orchid, sandalwood, cedar, white musk, vanilla.

It seems there is never a shortage of notes in Mr. Duchafour’s creation. 🙂

It started great, like a bitter jasmine (or possibly some other white flower, orange blossom included) and then, not 5 minutes into it, it morphed into a powdery violet. And remained like that. What?! I’m not a violet fan (especially in this talc manner) and this is the part where it got scary for me. I mean, everyone was singing praises for this and I’m getting a violet thingy?! A nice violet thingy (actually made me wonder if I might find this violet wearable) but still – a violet?!
That’s why I thought someone broke my sample juice.

It helps though when you know that really good perfumes are going to change, so I waited. For almost an hour but was it worth it!

After the passing of violet, things started happening and I was beginning to enjoy the ride for real. None of the notes seemed especially prominent but they all seemed to be there at some point in time. I was waiting for an orange blossom tropical seductiveness and I got it. Not the orange blossom or tropical but seductiveness made by rose, jasmine, juicy orange, probably orchid as well but I cannot say for sure since I’m not positive yet on the orchid smell.

The drydown on this smells like an opening on something, it’s that good and strong. Reminded me a bit of Ninfeo Mio due to sweetness and floral juiciness. And each time I smell my arm, I’m seduced more and more.

Turns out, I can live with violets on me. 🙂

New purchase and some detective work

I really, really should learn from experience. Especially when it’s mine. 🙂

All I wanted to do was doi a quick visit to Viktor Koncept store, try Bal d’Afrique and Amaranthine and leave because I was in a hurry to the next appointment I had. Of course, what happened is that I was more than 20 minutes late and with a new perfume purchase I never planned on doing. I blame it on SAs there. They were really helpful and we were discussing different houses they have and what should I try for my ski trip (he, he, I’m mobilising people right and left to help me choose) and at that time, while smelling some very interesting things on strips (like Tilleul, Eau de Gantier, etc.) I realized my right wrist smelled great and mistakenly thought it was Bal d’Afrique which was on my left wrist. Or, I thought right but everything got messed up in my head because I was in a hurry. So, I decided to take Bal d’Afrique home with me because even though the name doesn’t suggest it, it feels right for skiing. 🙂 Unbelievable. I’ll let you know when I come back if I was right.

Notes: lemon, neroli, African marigold, cyclamen, vetiver, jasmine, violet, bucchu, cedar, black amber? and musk.

At this moment, I cannot give you a coherent opinion on what this is because mostly what I’m thinking is what it’s not. 🙂 It reminds me of many different perfumes but it’s not them. Even though I’m not madly in love with it, I am completely fascinated. It feels like it could hypnotise my nose and not let it go.

On the other hand, I could fall in love with Amaranthine if I give it some time. At the moment we are eyeing each other and flirting, considering what might happen in the future. Are we going to go for the real thing or just flirt a bit?

Notes: green tea, white freesia, banana tree leaf, coriander, cardamom, rose, carnation, clove, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, jasmine, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, condensed milk and tonka bean.

I won’t even try to decipher the notes I smell. Do you see how many are there?! At first, I didn’t think there was going to be anything happening between us. It started like a bitterish green floral (I attribute the bitter part to tea and coriander) and then the bitter edge dissipated and what I was left with was a green floral going for vanilla. I kept thinking why so much vanilla and where is it coming from – making its way through the green floralcy. I guess the condensed milk and tonka bean are helping there.

So, I came home and went in search of notes and found at NST that it was “reminiscent of the scent of the inside of a woman’s thigh” – once I read that and the notes, I could totally see it, the muskiness and dissipating bitterness giving one an idea like that. This is not something to turn you away from this, just try and see if you get it as well. 🙂

Now on to the part where my bad streak of things not happening as they should continues.

We were talking about Viktor Koncept getting some new perfume brands for their store, here you can see what they have so far, and me being in a hurry, I paid, and since I was in a hurry and the bag they packaged for me wasn’t close, I asked if I could get the bag and wave good-bye, and they gave it to me. Unfortunately for me, there were no samples in it which I realized once I got home. And I’m not blaming the SAs, they always put interesting samples when I’m there, but I asked for my bag right after the discussion and I don’t think they even realized there were no samples in it. 😦 I’m so sad I’m not going to try anything new, but hey, these things shouldn’t be done in a hurry.

And, here is where some detective work comes into play. 😉 They plan on adding some new brands to their store but those that are not yet present here. That means brands that aren’t at the Institut Parfumeur Flores either which narrows the field. My first hope was that someone was finally going to have the whole SL line. Which of course, I don’t know beacuse Viktor is keeping it a secret.

The others that might come as per my detective work (and they are going to Paris to talk to them): Boadicea, Caron, Divine, Ego Facto, Fifi Chachnil, Fragonard, Frederic Malle (oh, yes please!), Le Labo, Montale, Nez a Nez, Reminiscence…

I didn’t put here houses that are present here but have exclusive lines (Chanel, Guerlain, Van Cleef and Arpels, etc.). I mean I hope they arrive but sincerely doubt it.

There are also some lines that are not from Paris but which I would LOVE to see here. Tom Ford if anyone who can make a difference is reading. 🙂

Huh, that was a lot to go through.

Big thanks to the NST team which helps with pretty much any investigative work relating perfume (I used their list of houses and notes).

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