SsOTD: Colognes in lieu of summer

Yes, I know, summer officially starts on the 21, but here it sort of sneaks in before that date. Not this year though. It came for a few days preview and now we’re back to early spring rains (but that is supposed to end tomorrow).

So today, instead of enjoying summer warmth, I enjoyed some colognes. One of them brought summer to my room instantly, the other was a feminine cologne (if that is possible?).

Notes for Penhaligon’s Eau de cologne: orange, lemon, bergamot, rosemary, neroli

Since colognes are not the type of scents that are famous for their longevity, I don’t expect them to last long and don’t take it against them.

Unfortunately, I think this is one of those scents that works much better when sprayed. It was very light on me, smelling like a cologne with rose wafting through. Lovely actually, and that’s why I thought feminine. It was elusive and stayed close to the skin so that’s why I think I should spray it on before seeing if it’s really that soft and elusive.

Notes for Heeley’s Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clement’s: oranges, lemons, bergamot, mandarine, neroli, petitgrain, earl gray tea, ylang-ylang, vetiver.

While I was copying the notes, I started wondering if I perhaps mistakes the scents on my arms, but I know I didn’t. It’s just that I was expecting to see here a note pointing toward some evergreen tree.

This is the one that transported me straight to a beach in Croatia, lying in the shade of firs, the smell of sunnscreen wafting on a breeze.

Yes, there was that typical citrusy opening (which was much more stronger in this one) with something peppery in it (I like that very much) and then my beach fantasy started. I don’t want to think about which note in combination with some other brought me my beach fantasy, I just enjoyed the fact that on this dreary, rainy day I got to experience it. 🙂

P.S. I just read the Luckyscent desription of Penhaligon’s Eau de Cologne and now I’m wondering againg if I mistaked this two. I just re-applied and no, I wasn’t mistaken, although both open with lemon peel astringency.

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