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SOTD: Le Jardin Retrouvé, Vétyver Vanille

I am really glad I made myself go through a sample a day. I finally have something to say about this sample I received from Le Jardin Retrouve’s Mr. Gutsatz.

As I can’t find a list of notes on their site, I’m citing here what they have to say with regards to some notes:

“Each Perfumer interprets Vetyver perfume in his own manner, and that of Le Jardin Retrouvé with its tangy head note (Bergamot, Lemon), its bouquet – warm, woody with a touch of tobacco, and its base note that is spicy and peppery, makes this a classic and original fragrance. Vetyver Essence is one of the best-known elements for creating the core and base notes for several feminine and masculine fragrances.”

It seems I’m actually a vetiver fan even though at the beginning of my perfume journey I was quite sure of the opposite. Just a little advice, do not begin your vetiver journey with Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire because it’s seriously vetivery.

Anyway, this started for me instantly flowery (have no idea where that came from) and then went on to a vetiver dominated scent. I mean that in a good way, you cannot forget it’s there but you can smell different things displayed on its surface. It felt warm and sunny, and I thought some hay may be hiding in there.

In the drydown I got some saltiness (I really get that a lost) that led me to believe there might be something irisy in it but thinking more about it, I realized vanilla could probably give off the same thing. And it finally appeared in the drydown.

I cannot say that this was instant love for me but I really like it. It’s easy to wear and for me it’s one of those scents you can grab when you don’t want to think too much what are you going to wear but fall on things that are reliably good (I just wish I didn’t have half a sample left but a bottle I can fall on to). 🙂

A bit more on Le Jardin Retrouvé

This line has managed to somehow grow on me. 🙂 I find some of their fragrances unwearable but for most of them I wouldn’t mind having them in my perfume wardrobe.
But before I go on to them, I realized today that I can no longer live without blogging. When I don’t have the time to write something the moment I’d like, I actually get upset. It seems I need to write. Even if it’s going to be short and not terribly interesting.
On to some other Mr. Gutsatz creations. I had to check the dictionary for Chevrefeuille (honeysuckle) for the Croatian equivalent. I had no idea what plant that is. Turns out I did smell it before – again evoking childhood memories. It seems I no longer spend that much time outside playing. 🙂

Unfortunately, this one is not for me. It’s a nice fresh floral that seems to clean to me, too much fresh laundry associations to be used as a personal fragrance. It has that breezy, floral quality – like a smell wafting on clear day on a cool breeze. I thought I got some jasmine in the drydown, but can’t be sure.

I liked the Jasmin, but I’m not sure yet as how much. One of the great things about these fragrances is that there is a lot of greenery there and I for one love that. This Jasmine also has a green quality to it – not exactly grassy but more like you break young green twigs. That’s the best equivalent I could come up with. I also thought I got some smoky hints but am not sure about it and some fruity aspect of jasmine.

On to Le Lys (lily). I wish there weren’t that many lilies around and they probably do not smell the same. Of the lily variety, I only recognize the lily of the valley kind. On my first try, I though that is what I smelled, but second time I was no longer sure, maybe I just wanted it to smell similar to something I recognize. It was a lovely floral, one I could wear much more readily than Chevrefeuille. I though I got some creamy iris in the drydown but checking the Jardin site, I realized there’s no iris in this but vanilla and oakmoss in the drydown, so I guess that’s it. Smells great though. 🙂

Today I also tried one of the masculines for the first time. Pour Homme. Funny. Interesting as well. Ok, funny might not be the right word for it, but it really brought a large smile to my face for being so different from the rest.

Notes I was able to find: lavender, rosemary, cinammon and patchouli.

I’m smiling again trying to compose this in my head. But first, do cumin and dirty patchouli smell alike? Because I was so sure there was cumin I was smelling, until I found the notes and it turned out there was no cumin in it but patchouli. So, I’m a bit confused now. How in the world am I going to be able to tell them apart without actually seeing the notes?! Different things shouldn’t smell the same. Ok, they might not be the same to someone with a better trained nose, but that’s not me. Anyway, I got sidetracked by the smell of dirty patchouli – it was shouting so loud I just couldn’t hear the other notes. Not that I minded. I like it when something veers off the usual path. Then it subsided into a nice skin scent that still has hints of “that” patchouli” but nowhere near as strong as in the beginning. I don’t think I’ll be wearing this but I love it for its bravery. 🙂

Re-discovering spring… and the smells of childhood

I will talk about some of the Le Jardin Retrouvé fragrances today. If you want to know more about the house and its history, there’s a lovely post by Divina from Fragrance bouquet.

I’m going to talk more about impressions today. 🙂 It is difficult for me to talk about scents without having notes, my nose is not really that good.

But since Mr. Denis Gutsatz was so kind to send free samples for me to review, I’ll try my best. One thing I realized while trying them is that it took me a second round of smelling them to actually begin appreciating them better. Or maybe it was just the fact that I had a terrible cold.

The things is, it seems there are a lot of citrusy notes in almost all of Mr. Yuri Gutsatz’s creations. Most of the time they are in their right place for me – the one I actually didn’t like was Citron Poivrée (smelled like lemon drops).

Anyway, none of them smelled modern to me or terribly new. Some of them reminded me of my childhood spent running around my grandmother’s garden or parks where I played with other children. Some of the rose fragrances (more about them soon) reminded me of people from my childhood – especially my grandmother.

Of the four I will go through today, Verveine celeste is the one that smelled most spring-like of all the creations and most memory-inducing. And I believe I finally found my cut grass fragrance. I’ve been looking for it for so long and I absolutely love the fact that I can smell it in this. The only problem is that it will wait until spring for me to feel the need to wear it. But I don’t mind.

And that might be one of the reasons I didn’t fall straight away for the Jardin Retrouvé scents. Almost all of them evoke spring feelings for me.

I like Tubéreuse very much – it smells green and tuberose-jasmine like. Very strong – I’d say the strongest of the line and if you don’t like the smell of either tuberose or jasmine, steer clear. I love it. But also in the spring. It smells exactly like I imagine tuberose and jasmine should smell.

One of the woody scents in the line, Santal is lovely if somewhat bland when compared to woody scents of Serge Lutens line for example. This one is listed under masculines but as more of a unisex. Very true. I think it now sounds like it’s not good when compared to more heavy scents but actually it’s quite lovely. On my first try I thought I got some fruity, herbal whiffs from it – but I seem to have missed them on my second try. And it all rests on this lovely santal woody base and sort of stays clear of either going into warm, sweet more feminine territory or the other way into more masculine territory.

The last one for today is Cuir de Russie. Interesting take on leather albeit maybe too sweet for my taste. Not as in candy too sweet, but in leather too sweet. It’s a floral cuir to me. Strange and actually not bad. I’ll be giving this more thought in the near future, there is definitely potential here. Lots of it.

I only had one floral on the list today, but the others in the line are included as those that provoke childhood memories.

All of these scents would in my opinion work great as ambient scents which is what Mr. Gutsatz probably thought himself since some of them come as candles as well.

And the name of the line is apt as well. It is definitely a place to go to find lost scent memories of childhood (in case you have memories of running through green places).

Picture by: http://www.lejardinretrouve.com/

P.S. The best thing of all is if you find something you love, you’re not going to pay terribly much for it – the prices they offer are the ones from 1975. when the company was founded. Worth exploring. I’ll be exploring their beauty oil soon. 🙂
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