SOTD: Le Jardin Retrouvé, Vétyver Vanille

I am really glad I made myself go through a sample a day. I finally have something to say about this sample I received from Le Jardin Retrouve’s Mr. Gutsatz.

As I can’t find a list of notes on their site, I’m citing here what they have to say with regards to some notes:

“Each Perfumer interprets Vetyver perfume in his own manner, and that of Le Jardin Retrouvé with its tangy head note (Bergamot, Lemon), its bouquet – warm, woody with a touch of tobacco, and its base note that is spicy and peppery, makes this a classic and original fragrance. Vetyver Essence is one of the best-known elements for creating the core and base notes for several feminine and masculine fragrances.”

It seems I’m actually a vetiver fan even though at the beginning of my perfume journey I was quite sure of the opposite. Just a little advice, do not begin your vetiver journey with Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire because it’s seriously vetivery.

Anyway, this started for me instantly flowery (have no idea where that came from) and then went on to a vetiver dominated scent. I mean that in a good way, you cannot forget it’s there but you can smell different things displayed on its surface. It felt warm and sunny, and I thought some hay may be hiding in there.

In the drydown I got some saltiness (I really get that a lost) that led me to believe there might be something irisy in it but thinking more about it, I realized vanilla could probably give off the same thing. And it finally appeared in the drydown.

I cannot say that this was instant love for me but I really like it. It’s easy to wear and for me it’s one of those scents you can grab when you don’t want to think too much what are you going to wear but fall on things that are reliably good (I just wish I didn’t have half a sample left but a bottle I can fall on to). 🙂


2 thoughts on “SOTD: Le Jardin Retrouvé, Vétyver Vanille

  1. La Bonne Vivante June 6, 2010 at 15:15 Reply

    LOL about starting the vetiver journey w/frederic Malle!


  2. Ines June 7, 2010 at 11:27 Reply

    😀 Yes, that would be starting at the wrong end.


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