A bit more on Le Jardin Retrouvé

This line has managed to somehow grow on me. 🙂 I find some of their fragrances unwearable but for most of them I wouldn’t mind having them in my perfume wardrobe.
But before I go on to them, I realized today that I can no longer live without blogging. When I don’t have the time to write something the moment I’d like, I actually get upset. It seems I need to write. Even if it’s going to be short and not terribly interesting.
On to some other Mr. Gutsatz creations. I had to check the dictionary for Chevrefeuille (honeysuckle) for the Croatian equivalent. I had no idea what plant that is. Turns out I did smell it before – again evoking childhood memories. It seems I no longer spend that much time outside playing. 🙂

Unfortunately, this one is not for me. It’s a nice fresh floral that seems to clean to me, too much fresh laundry associations to be used as a personal fragrance. It has that breezy, floral quality – like a smell wafting on clear day on a cool breeze. I thought I got some jasmine in the drydown, but can’t be sure.

I liked the Jasmin, but I’m not sure yet as how much. One of the great things about these fragrances is that there is a lot of greenery there and I for one love that. This Jasmine also has a green quality to it – not exactly grassy but more like you break young green twigs. That’s the best equivalent I could come up with. I also thought I got some smoky hints but am not sure about it and some fruity aspect of jasmine.

On to Le Lys (lily). I wish there weren’t that many lilies around and they probably do not smell the same. Of the lily variety, I only recognize the lily of the valley kind. On my first try, I though that is what I smelled, but second time I was no longer sure, maybe I just wanted it to smell similar to something I recognize. It was a lovely floral, one I could wear much more readily than Chevrefeuille. I though I got some creamy iris in the drydown but checking the Jardin site, I realized there’s no iris in this but vanilla and oakmoss in the drydown, so I guess that’s it. Smells great though. 🙂

Today I also tried one of the masculines for the first time. Pour Homme. Funny. Interesting as well. Ok, funny might not be the right word for it, but it really brought a large smile to my face for being so different from the rest.

Notes I was able to find: lavender, rosemary, cinammon and patchouli.

I’m smiling again trying to compose this in my head. But first, do cumin and dirty patchouli smell alike? Because I was so sure there was cumin I was smelling, until I found the notes and it turned out there was no cumin in it but patchouli. So, I’m a bit confused now. How in the world am I going to be able to tell them apart without actually seeing the notes?! Different things shouldn’t smell the same. Ok, they might not be the same to someone with a better trained nose, but that’s not me. Anyway, I got sidetracked by the smell of dirty patchouli – it was shouting so loud I just couldn’t hear the other notes. Not that I minded. I like it when something veers off the usual path. Then it subsided into a nice skin scent that still has hints of “that” patchouli” but nowhere near as strong as in the beginning. I don’t think I’ll be wearing this but I love it for its bravery. 🙂

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