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Kresley Cole: Dark Skye

I’m late. πŸ™‚

I already forgot what I read as I read it straight away when the book came out (August 5) and well, life took its course so I’m writing about it now. Although, really, what more can be said about Kresley Cole’s IAD series that hasn’t already been said? Start reading if you haven’t already.


As a boy, Thronos, prince of Skye Hall, loved Lanthe, a mischievous Sorceri girl who made him question everything about his Vrekener clan. But when the two got caught in the middle of their families’ war, tragedy struck, leaving Thronos and Lanthe bitter enemies. Though centuries have passed, nothing can cool his seething need for the beautiful enchantress who scarred his bodyβ€”and left an even deeper impression on his soul.


Lanthe, a once-formidable sorceress struggling to reclaim her gifts, searches for love and acceptance with all the wrong immortal suitors. But she’s never forgotten Thronos, the magnificent silver-eyed boy who protected her until she was ripped from the shelter of his arms. One harrowing night changed everything between them. Now he’s a notorious warlord with a blood vendetta against Lanthe, hunting her relentlessly.


With their families locked in conflict and battles raging all around them, will Thronos and Lanthe succumb to the brutal chaos that threatens everything they cherish? Or will the fragile bond they formed so long ago spark a passion strong enough to withstand even the darkest doubts?

Well, the best parts for me were the fact that Ms Cole quite successfully managed to insert pointers on what slut shaming is and how to deal with it. (yeah, wouldn’t expect that in a novel of this type, huh?)

And that we learn what awaits Nix in the future. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to learn who her partner will be… Maybe some people guessed it but I have no idea. Basically, I can’t wait for her book.

Which has nothing to do with this one. πŸ˜‰

But as you could guess, Lanthe and Thronos work everything out in the end, through some amazingly hot scenes (not that much actual sex πŸ˜‰ – amazing actually) and very difficult personal experiences (ha, that came at an opportune moment for me). I practically inhaled it, like every other Kresley Cole book out there…

Kresley Cole: Lothaire

*probable spoilers ahead*

The Enemy of the Old.

That’s who Lothaire is. And when I say “of the old” it actually means several millenia old (more than I can possible wrap my mind around).

He and Nix go together way back (and he remembers her name – Phenix) – it seems they started their immortal lives at about the same time and had dealings all throughout history – mostly friendly. He is the Enemy of the Old which makes him evil so friendliness isn’t a characteristic of his dealings.
And make no mistake about that – you cannot call him anything else but evil until the end – even though at times you might be prone to forget it and forgive possibly. Try and ignore his gorgeousness in the process too. πŸ™‚

But the most important part of this story for me is Ellie. She practically stole Lothaire’s book. πŸ™‚
In my opinion, she is the strongest female character so far in the Immortals after Dark series (and she should be, as she is the Bride of the Enemy of the Old).
There are her own references throughout the book about her being stubborn, but she actually isn’t stubborn. At least not from my perspective. She is extremely strong in character, proud, fair, compassionate and loving. I can see though how pride can be mistaken for stubborness, but the more stubborn person in this book is Lothaire.

I don’t want to go into details about the story as there is a lot of new information coming to light and I couldn’t possibly decide what would be more important as I can’t enumerate everything. Just read it and enjoy (and tell me if I’m right about Ellie). πŸ™‚

Those who read my reviews probably know by now I am a huge fan of Kresley Cole. πŸ™‚ Luckily for me, now that I have my Kindle, I didn’t have to wait for the actual book to arrive in my bookstore. The moment it was out, I had it and then got sucked into its world.
The best thing about that world and its stories is that, except for the part where the pair gets together in the end, is that I can never guess what is going to happen. 
Which of course works wonders for speedy reading. πŸ™‚

I have no idea when the next book in the series is coming out (I just know it’s not soon enough) but I’m wondering if it’s about Kristoff’s love story…
As we’re left with an interesting parting scene in Lothaire…

Kresley Cole: Dreams of a Dark Warrior

I couldn’t wait for this book to arrive. As I’m a huge fan of Kresley Cole, I eagerly await each new book that comes out. And luckily for me, now I will no longer have to wait until it reaches Zagreb but will be able to instantly download it to my Kindle – yeeeey! πŸ™‚
That wasn’t the case with this one though, as I’ve been on the waiting list here in Algoritam long before it came out.

Honestly I think Ms. Cole outdid herself this time. I recommend her books to anyone interested in paranormal romance as the place to start (even though that might set the bar high).

A slight spoiler ahead.

I loved Regin’s and Declan’s story. And when I say Declan’s, I do mean that. Aidan the Fierce being reborn through the ages because of his love for Regin, only to die in every lifetime (as someone else) each time they make love is some seriously tragic material. And I suffered through their tragedy, I laughed at Regin’s banter, my heart clenched at the strength of their tragic love, and well, the hot scenes did what they were supposed to as well. πŸ˜‰

The romance I read usually manages to do one of these things, either I read one for the emotional satisfaction, or the great steamy scenes, or the characters’ conversations are fun to read. Sometimes two of those, but rarely all of it in such a strong (even cathartic) way. And that’s why I loved this book (maybe even a little better than all the others in the IAD series).

The best thing – this is not Aidan’s story, this is Declan’s story and he deserves it.

P.S. I’m left wondering what’s the deal between Nix and Lothaire. And who is this person he so badly needs to save.

Pic by: http://kresleycole.com/

WoW: Kresley Cole, IAD series

I don’t know how many of you read that I absolutely love Kresley Cole’s IAD series. I was actually starting to read again one of the previous ones (Dark Desires after Dusk) when I got a call fromAlgoritam that a new one by KC arrived. πŸ™‚ Yeey! This one is Dark Kiss of Winter in combination with Gena Showalter (who I haven’t read yet but will soon because I keep reading good things about her). Anyway, Untouchable is the story of Daniella (the Ice maiden/queen who is half Valkyrie, half Icere fey) and Murdoch Wrath (a good vampire – there are bad ones as well in this world), the last of the 4 Wroth brothers to get his love story. That does not mean there will be no other books in the series. Oh, no. There are Valkyirie, vampires, demons, witches and all other kinds of creatures turning up in these novels and of course, they are all immortals, meaning they won’t die of natural causes but can be killed (not easily though).

What I love about KC novels is that they are so unpretentious, easy to read and the dialogues are totally funny (sometimes going into absurd but in a positive way). I can’t wait to read the next one that is to come out in February 2010. There are several stories I hope she writes, although whatever she writes, I’ll be reading it. Some thing just can’t be helped. πŸ™‚
Anyway, back to the story. I have to admit, I felt like an idiot after I read the final paragraph where everythings turns out right. I don’t want to say much about the story, but the heroes have a serious problem consumating their desire and when the solution presented itself – I thought to myself – What an idiot! It was so logical and obvious if you actually used your brain. Which, as you can see, I did not. πŸ™‚ I wonder how many people thought of it before it was actually announced.
As usual, the book is intertwined with stories and characters from other novels because they are all happening at about the same time, getting prepared for the Ascension.
So, if you’re looking for something witty, interesting, a bit different and containing a love story (with some hot sex scenes), Kresley Cole should be your first choice.

Picture by: www.kresleycole.com

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