Claudia Dain: Daring a Duke

I love historical romance but it seems to be very difficult for me to find new authors I might add to those I already love reading as you all know, no author produces books at the pace we, the readers, would like.

Therefore I am very happy that I can say I found a new one to add to those whose books I read as soon as they come out. In this case, I have a stash of already published books to go back to. 🙂

And before I go on with my review, I want to say that when it comes to romance, reading the blurb doesn’t help at all. You either read a great one and the book doesn’t even come close, or you read a bad one and never pick up the book which could have been by a new favourite author.

But enough of that.

Basically, I loved this one from the start. 🙂 Instantly, it brought back ideas of Austen’s romance novels, I am not sure why, I think it might be the easiness of story telling. I’m not sure but that was after reading the first page (later I learned that our hero’s name is Hugh Austen).

After that, it only got better. The women are true to their mischievous, not always nice to each other Daring-a-Duke-225x362selves. But friendly at the heart. I wonder if this only makes sense to women. 😉 They also fight and get annoyed for real with their husbands (the real anger, even though it’s short-lived here, never actually appears in other historical romances I read).

We also get to hear a lot of inner female not voiced thoughts which I found chuckle-worthy. Actually, I found many things chuckle-worthy, I don’t remember the last time I had this much fun reading a book.

The best part for me, and you probably won’t believe it, was the fact that there are no steamy sex scenes in here. And I didn’t mind it one little bit. I believe in seduction happening through our minds and here it is a verbal (well and physical at some points, as in men fighting, not the other kind of physical) seduction going on through out the novel. Sparring on several fronts with wonderful dialogues.

Another interesting book is that the whole story is happening during a wedding breakfast.

Lately, I’ve been lamenting all the young female characters for their, well, stupidity. Jane on the other hand, although obviously young and naive to some ways, is still very much intelligent, smart and nice.

Edenham on the other hand, is what I consider a man should be – certain of what he wants and not scared to go after it (or give-up at first hurdle).

Both are easily likeable and fun to be around with.

If you enjoy historical romance, I urge you to give Claudia Dain Courtesan Chronicles a shot (ignore the covers).


I got my copy of the book in a give-away. I love how fate works in mysterious ways (especially when it suits me). 😉

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