Natania Barron: Pilgrim of the Sky

This book is an interesting mish-mash of everything and it works.

I still feel a bit dazed after reading it – you get hit by many different worlds, ideas, characters, gods, but for some reason all that steampunk, romance, action and fantasy somehow combine into an interesting read. And you emerge dazed from the adventure. 🙂

I’m still wondering about the final choice and the love there but I think it has more to do with the fact I’m still getting back into real life than anything else.

So we have parallel world and twains across those worlds, not always in every world but at least in several and they get reborn (some more than others). We have dragons but in the initial (completely lost to modern person) meaning of the word – that’s why I’m not going to reveal it.

Maddie lives in our world but the next one she is taken to is the steam-punk one. And a very interesting version of our Earth it is, I should add.

I really can’t go into the story because if I want to explain anything, I will have to explain a lot and that will just reveal too much.

It’s basically what I said in the beginning – something of a mix of many interesting ideas all working together to make this novel an interesting read.

I wonder if there will be a sequel? That seems a must these days although not really necessary in this case.

I mean, the story felt complete for me but I’m sure Maddie is a character who could get into many more advenures.


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  2. Roman July 26, 2014 at 04:51 Reply

    Thanks for finally talking about >Natania Barron: Pilgrim of the Sky | All
    I am – a redhead <Liked it!


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