Rachel Hawkins: Demonglass

I’m very thrilled and extremely upset at the same time.

This is the second installment of the Hex Hall series and although I was very happy after finishing the first book, Hex Hall, and realizing the second one had just been published, I can’t say I’m happy about it anymore.
I mean, it’s completely unfair to readers finishing a great book with a cliff-hanger and making them wait for god knows how long for the next one (the only info I could find said 2012 – aaarrgghh!). And the more times this happens, the more I get upset. Especially when the book was great.

I enjoyed Hex Hall immensely. I like reading YA novels and I find them good, rarely do I find them great and usually the further they go, the less the appeal of the story.
This one is just at its beginnings but I hope it’s not going to become a never-ending series always ending nowhere and making you frustrated you need to wait for the next one a whole year (do people even realize that readers forget parts of the story referenced in the future books as we tend to read a lot?).
Anyway, the only reason I’m ranting now is because I want to read the sequel so badly. 🙂

I don’t want to get into many details now, this book is about Sophie spending the summer with her father in England where she goes because she wants her powers removed and everyone else wants her not to. And as soon as she arrives, intrigant things start happening and well, it just keeps getting more and more complicated after that.

I love the fact she is snarky because she does it very well, and even though I’m no longer a teenager, she seems like a real portrait of one (and for a change, a rather smart one).
I also love the references throughout the book to different books and movies and just associations they have which seem very normal and expected in casual, snarky teenage conversations. I particularly loved one about Mr. Darcy (he, of course, has a special place in my heart). 🙂

So basically, it’s one of the best examples of YA novels out there and if you’re interested in reading it, I’m warning you in advance, you won’t be happy once you finish Demonglass.
As Hex Hall 3 is long way from being published…

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