J.D. Robb: Treachery in Death

You know, I always wondered how someone who wrote 33 books in one series manages to make them all interesting, thrilling and basically un-put-downable (is that even an expression?!)?
I still have no answer, but JD Robb (Nora Roberts actually) manages just fine. Well, more than fine as I can’t wait for paperbacks and I keep ordering hardcovers, now, when the series is going so well, as you can’t get the books otherwise. Btw, I really hate that – I’m a long time reader of this, I should deserve being able to buy them at paperback prices without waiting so long. But ok.

The other thing I was wondering is how you review installment 33 of a series?! I mean, those who came so far don’t need a review and will probably buy the book as soon as possible, and those who haven’t probably aren’t interested in reading a review of book no. 33.  😉

So, if you’re wondering how I’m going to do it – I won’t.

I’ll just say it contains everything that made the previous books interesting – the love, the friendship, the intrigue, and the moral code good cops live by.
It all combines into another story that made Eve Dallas become a live character for me, a character that stands outside the novels and that is something that doesn’t happen often.

P.S. She also has the body and the husband I want. 🙂 Not the job though.

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