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J.D. Robb: Treachery in Death

You know, I always wondered how someone who wrote 33 books in one series manages to make them all interesting, thrilling and basically un-put-downable (is that even an expression?!)?
I still have no answer, but JD Robb (Nora Roberts actually) manages just fine. Well, more than fine as I can’t wait for paperbacks and I keep ordering hardcovers, now, when the series is going so well, as you can’t get the books otherwise. Btw, I really hate that – I’m a long time reader of this, I should deserve being able to buy them at paperback prices without waiting so long. But ok.

The other thing I was wondering is how you review installment 33 of a series?! I mean, those who came so far don’t need a review and will probably buy the book as soon as possible, and those who haven’t probably aren’t interested in reading a review of book no. 33.  😉

So, if you’re wondering how I’m going to do it – I won’t.

I’ll just say it contains everything that made the previous books interesting – the love, the friendship, the intrigue, and the moral code good cops live by.
It all combines into another story that made Eve Dallas become a live character for me, a character that stands outside the novels and that is something that doesn’t happen often.

P.S. She also has the body and the husband I want. 🙂 Not the job though.

JD Robb: Fantasy in Death

There’s not much left to be said about this series. I mean, this is book 30 (or over) in the series. I guess you can tell what I think of the series when I tell you I buy them regularly and have all of them. 🙂 Yes, I do spend way too much money on books. 😉

I don’t know if that happened to anyone else reading this book, although if you follow the series, I guess it was pretty obvious how the victims were killed in holo-rooms without any sign of breaking and entering. What I couldn’t guess in the beginning, but when Lt. Dallas pointed in that direction, I could see her reasoning but still couldn’t understand how is it possible people are so awful to each other? And this book came right after Danielle Steel’s concerning a sociopath (which is what the killer in this book is as well).

That’s actually some scary stuff when you think about it. Sociopaths are so great at adapting socially that you never know what goes inside until they break your spirit or kill you (depending on how sociopathic your person is). Of course, the In Death series have the killer kind since Eve works in homicide so she gets to discover who did it.

Anyway, all the characters we love are back and the relationships in Eve’s life just keep getting stronger. It’s been happening for a while and sort of behind her back so that one day she wakes up and realizes she has friends and she actually needs to nurture those friendships. She perhaps is not always sure how it’s done but her heart is in the right place and in the end it always works out as it should. I mean, her friends know her so they have a good idea how she will react in a given situation. That is just one of the things I got reminded of reading this book.

Cops, witches and mutant tomatoes

Ok, I haven’t got a clue how this might sound to people, but to me it sounds like a couple of days of total fun. 🙂
As I have already mentioned my love for romance, the only thing that makes me want to stay awake is reading. And I just got my new fix. I absolutely love my local bookstore Algoritam which keeps me stocked with all the books I like (I order regularly).
Now, to get to the title of the post. I got two books the other day, J.D. Robb’s (in real life that’s Nora Roberts) latest installment of Lt. Eve Dallas and her beautiful Roarke, and Kim Harrison’s White witch, black curse – hence the witch and tomato connotation. For all those who haven’t read about Rachel and the world where vampires, elves, witches, weres and the rest co-exist publicly with people due to an outbreak of a deadly disease that came about from mutating tomatoes, I have to say that the idea was so original for me, I had to see what it was all about, and I’m hooked. Now, most people no longer eat tomatoes, but the Interlanders do. 🙂 Anyway, I just started the White witch and can’t wait to see what awaits me. I have to admit I’m usually quite surprised with the way plot finishes.
The cop from the title is of course Eve Dallas, and I don’t think I can give a short overview of everything that comes to mind when I say that. If you like romance, crime, a bit of SF, well, try it and see where it leads you. Where it led me is to a full shelf (there are more than 20 books in that series and I don’t think it is going to end anytime soon). Lucky me. 🙂
So, those are the books that keep me going these days while I’m waiting for the spring to reveal its sunny side.
That’s it for this rainy Monday.

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