Gerard O’Donovan: The Priest

Since I am a serious book freak, it’s not difficult to get me interested in a book.

So, when this title appeared on Algoritam site, I was hooked and went to buy it. I’m actually surprised by my reaction to it. I kept reading it although I kept thinking each time I put it down that I might not continue next time with it (as I’m always reading at least 3 books at the same time) but each time I found the time to read, it was always The Priest I kept reading until I finished.  I’m still not sure why that is.

It’s not like it keeps you at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. You get a pretty good idea very soon what is going to happen. and this being by my standards a crime thriller, you know what you can expect from it.

I hope no one gets upset with me writing this, but reading The Priest is like watching a British crime series. You know, since the author is Irish and the book is mostly set in Dublin.

I’m not going to get into details about the story, I’m sure you’ll find them if you get interested but it is a bit gory type of violence. Not many dead but that doesn’t take away from the tragic factor.

Anyway, what I loved about this book was the way the main character’s thoughts were described. Inspector Mulcahy is a person like all of us. We get tired, we get upset, we cannot remember the key fact at a moment, it takes us a while to link some things into a picture. You get the idea.
We solve the case through his mind and we follow his steps until he reaches the right conclusion. But the important thing is, those steps are so real. Even though you know who is guilty, you still understand why Inspector Mulcahy cannot just jump to that conclusion without serious evidence. And that process is what I love about this book and what I think made me not want to stop reading it.
Of course, we follow the thought processes of some other characters, but I was mostly taken by Inspector Mulcahy’s.

Pic by: Gerard O’Donovan site

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