JD Robb: Big Jack

I really, really wish I could keep track of all the things that interest me. But as I’m learning, that is just not possible. or just not possible for me. I happened to miss this when it came out (although I believe it came out in an anthology) so I read it now as a standalone novel.

Sometimes I get amazed at the synchronicity at play in my life. I already talked about how I’m not really my 100% self these days, and this last Saturday, I was actually so down that not even the thought of reading a book could pick me up (and that is the worst thing that can happen to me, not being able to read). And that’s when I remembered I had a Eve and Rourke novel I haven’t yet read. That book was a life-saver. Not because it was brilliantly better than all other In Death novels but because that series has the capability of making me pick up a book even when I don’t feel like reading anything. I simply love the stories of Eve Dallas and Rourke. They are there for each other in the novels, and they are there for me when I need a pick-me-up.

The story revolves around a big diamond heist that happened sometime around now and in the book we are looking for a quarted of diamonds never found by going back and taking a look at what happened at the time of the robbery.

It’s a typical Dallas story with a crime that needs solving and of course gets solved. It’s really good how JD Robb (or Nora Roberts) gets these crimes to sometimes be terribly transparent who did them and sometimes completely non-transparent until Dallas lets us know who’s guilty.  But that is true to that line of work – not all crimes are equally difficult to solve.

And this is all the details I’m going to give. If you’re a fan of the series, it should be enough, if you never read a book from it, well, you really should and you better start at the beginning.

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