Caron: Aimez-Moi

I started swapping much earlier than I started blogging. So when I decided I wanted to write about perfumes, I already had a significant collection of decants and samples. One of them being Aimez-moi (or Love me).

What I should mention is that, even though I had this decant for quite some time, I never actually wore it. I must have tried it at the time I recieved it, but after that, forgetting what it smelled like, I sort of went around it each time I chose a perfume to wear.
Well, today is the day Aimez-Moi finally got some wear space. And I’m glad I decided to do it.
I can’t say I was smitten, then again, I tend not to like statements as the name of this scent so that is definitely a deterrent.

I was pleasantly surprised when upon application I smelled mint. 🙂 As some of my readers might know, I’m a huge fan of Charmes et Feuilles by TDC which is heavy on mint (more than Aimez-Moi). So, I thought, all right, we’re off to a good start. Some sweet and peppery smelling mint – I’m always ready for that. Especially when I got little whiffs of green grass peeking through. I found the opening totally fascinating because it is not often that I come upon mint in perfume, especially mint not hinting at toothpaste.
 I will give you the notes now so you can see that what I’m getting  is not exactly the stuff listed.

Notes: anise, freesia, violet leaf, bergamot, mint, caraway, magnolia, cardamom, jasmine, peach, iris heliotrope, tonka bean, amber, musk and cloves

The more I smell scent, the more I realize that the list of notes can’t come close to making you imagine what a scent might smell like.
I mean, I can’t say I got to smell the fruit in this one. I mean, I could say it was underlying what I was smelling and giving it sweetness that only fruit can give but that’s about as much as I cansay about the fruit in it. I did smell a flowery accord but getting to particular flowers, not really. Which I think gives credit to the perfume – it is so well-blended that individual notes escape me.
The drydown was what really made me decide I will be using my decant more often. It also made me realize I need to distinguish better between vanilla and ambery sweet drydowns. In this case, the drydown is lighty sweet amber with floral nuances. Quite lovely really.

In the end, I can’t say I was swept off my feet and I love this, but I do like it a lot and that’s a good start for love, don’t you think?

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6 thoughts on “Caron: Aimez-Moi

  1. prozorudom October 25, 2010 at 13:24 Reply

    Imala sam ga i proslijedila dalje, nije mi sjeo. Mentol ljubičica mi se nije učinila prikladna ni za koju priliku. Sretno mu bilo u novim rukama 🙂 Očekivala sam po komentarima malo više od njega..


  2. Ines October 25, 2010 at 13:35 Reply

    Za pravo čudo, ja inače ne podnosim baš ljubičice u parfemima, ali ovdje se nije baš iskazala (hvala bogu). 🙂 Nije da me oduševio, ali za potrošiti dekantić je sasvim dobar (za promjenu, s obzirom na količinu mojih dekantića i bočica koje su našle dom negdje gdje ih vole).


  3. Rose October 26, 2010 at 10:29 Reply

    I must try more Carons- I love nuit de noel but otherwise I am lacking in knowledge. I'm a big mint fan too- it's so edgy in fragrance- weirdly I don't love it in food, I find it a bit meh- but in fragrance I think it works brilliantly.I am just catching up after a very busy time so lots of nice things here for me to read!


  4. Ines October 26, 2010 at 11:36 Reply

    Rose, I also have a limited knowledge of Caron but this one seems quite ok. I'm glad to find another mint fan (it doesn't seem there's a lot of us out there). :)Nice to see you catching up!


  5. Rose October 27, 2010 at 14:28 Reply

    other mints I like are Heeley Menthe- L'occitane green tea and mint and Frederic Malle Geranium Pour MonsierYep am a big mint fan- I think it's really fresh and cool and a bit subversive Yes I have been so busy moving and didn't have the internet in my flat for quite a while so was scrambling to keep up. have an i phone so can read blogs but commenting is a nightmare on the phone!


  6. Ines October 28, 2010 at 11:58 Reply

    Rose, thanks for the suggestions, I haven't tried any of those. :)But, one I did try and love a lot, is Charmes et Feuilles by TDC, it is great.


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