The best part

The best part of this perfume love of mine (probably other people’s as well) is coming home to packages waiting there. 🙂

That’s what happened today.

I got the package from Carol that contained some vintage gems that I am still too excited to write about so here is a quick photo:

The one in the middle is the one that started it all and my quick first sniff told me that I will fall in love (it already started). This has really made my day which I don’t want to go into detail but was seriously depressing as will the next few weeks be as well.

The second package came from Switzerland as an MUA swap. But was this swapper generous! Thank you Jindra!

I was swapping for 10 ml of Palais Jamais and I ended up with a little bottle of vintage L’Aimant and a bunch of samples and candies:

I really feel bad now because I only put a few samples in her package. 😦 I will make it up to her next time (we already swapped before).

So tomorrow is Palais Jamais day for me. But tonight it’s party with Carol’s bottles!

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2 thoughts on “The best part

  1. waftbyCarol June 10, 2010 at 02:09 Reply

    Enjoy !!


  2. Michael June 10, 2010 at 10:38 Reply

    I'd love to get into swapping more, but as I don't buy bottles, only samples, my swapping critical mass is rather low I 'm afraid. Looks good, enjoy them!


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