SOTD: The Six Scents, series 2, No. 2 Ende/Anfang

I’m not sure if it’s the strenth of this or something is wrong with my nose but after two hours on my arm, I can barely trace it. Maybe applying it a bit lavishly might help (although it seemed weak from the start, so I re-applied it after some 15 minutes).

Btw, the name means End/Beginning if you are not familiar with German (have no idea why they named in in German…).

Notes: purple ginger extract, vetiver oil, cedarwood, guaiacwood, cardamom, coriander seed, birch tar, sandalwood, beeswax absolute, patchouli, myrrh.

It started great, spicy and I thought incensey but that turned out wrong, as you can see by the notes, but myrrh could have turned me that way.

I smelled it first without reading the notes (as I always do) and since I doubt my nose all the time, I thought I was projecting sandalwood and cardamom under the influence of yesterday’s sample, so I wrote down only cedarwood. But still felt good after reading the notes. šŸ™‚

What can I say, I enjoy the opening and I like the broody masculine dusty woods later but I wish they were stronger in sillage and longevity.
I will be hoisting this off to my boyfriend, I know I will enjoy smelling it on him.

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4 thoughts on “SOTD: The Six Scents, series 2, No. 2 Ende/Anfang

  1. La Bonne Vivante May 30, 2010 at 03:24 Reply

    I hate it when you're really digging the notes of a fragrance but then it just isn't strong enough/doesn't hang around long enough to justify love.


  2. MyPerfumeLife May 30, 2010 at 20:00 Reply

    This sounds interesting. The only one I've tried in the six scent series is the Donkey Power one – and I quite liked it. When I'm next in Liberty I'll check out a few more from this range as it's kind of intriguing.


  3. Ines May 31, 2010 at 11:05 Reply

    BV, a good way of putting it. It would be much better if it didn't do the disappearing act. šŸ™‚


  4. Ines May 31, 2010 at 11:07 Reply

    MPL, I liked the first series (I own 2 bottles of those), and I like the concept and many of the scents are a bit different from the standard. I just wish that this one was has a bit (a lot actually) more endurance.


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