Katie MacAlister: Playing with Fire

I’ve read several reviews regarding Katie MacAlister’s books from the dragon series so I decided to give them a go myself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t start from the beginning because it’s currently unavailable at my bookshop, but they had the first in the Silver Dragons series, Playing with Fire.

I blame the fact that the description of the world this is set in (it’s our world) is not complete for me on not reading from the beginning of the dragon series because it feels much of this information is implied. But that didn’t stop from enjoying a completely new type of story. I did have some problems with getting completely into it, but I think it again goes with what I just said about the world and characters that appeared in previous books and are obviously familiar to the reader.

Anyway, you have wyverns, demons, naiads, doppelgangers and I probably skipped some. I like the bantering the characters engage in and the steamy sex (and no foreplay for our wyvern hero because he is still too hot for his mate) – and while on the subject, I’d be grateful if writers would refrain a bit from writing hot sex scenes that are not realizable in real life. I wouldn’t mind some but I don’t think it exists in such a way. 🙂

The bad part is that the book ended with a cliffhanger and I don’t have the second one (I do have the third, I bought it so as not to have to go looking for it after I get the second and finish it, only to realize the third was sold in the meantime).

It’s an easy read that I’m sure feels more complete if you started from the beginning. But that won’t stop me from finishing the Silver Dragons series before starting from the beginning – I just cannot stop now.

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