Matthew Reilly: Seven Ancient Wonders

I’ve been a Matthew Reilly fan since the first book of his I read (I no longer remember which one it was, but I bought everything else I could at the time). And now after some years have passed, I finally read another of his books and enjoyed it a lot.

But, you should bear in mind that Mr Reilly has a specific way of writing not everyone might enjoy. I once read somewhere that he tries to re-create the action movie atmosphere in his books, and honestly, I think he does a good job with that. Of course, ending sentences in the middle and making you read the following line with a bombastic statement helps. 🙂

I loved the way this book explored some ancient history mixed with myths and how Mr. Reilly used it to create his own story. I just wish he would follow the example of James Rollins and state at the end what parts of the story are actually based on true facts. That is always a fascinating reading and I’m sure the readers would be surprised by the stuff they read as true.

Anyway, the book offers a lot of action, a lot of lucky coincidences and just plain James Bond/Indiana Jones abilities in one person who for a change is Australian this time (MR is Australian as well). I am really glad to see his country put in a special place by this book and I loved the ending.

I also loved the mention of the Da Vince code – that book is just part of our culture now. 🙂 I still can’t understand what the fuss was about because nothing new was said in that book but I guess the public was unaware of many things before it (but that’s a completely different topic).

In the end, even if you don’t find Mr Reilly’s type of writing something for you, all I can say is when I start his books, I cannot stop until they are done (even if I started reading something interesting before it – like I did with this one). Action packed – his novels really are.


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