She’s like the wind

I guess everyone has heard by now that Patrick Swayze died after giving a good fight against pancreatic cancer and having a positive outlook all that time (something I can’t help but admire).

It feels right today to remember one of the first memorable actors of my life and the beginning of my love of love stories. When I finally got my hands on the Dirty Dancing video tape (I believe I was around 12-13), I watched the movie every day. For several weeks. 🙂 So, one could say I got to know it. I remember being fascinated by the dancing and the fact that love can be so great, terrifying and generous. My love of romance was starting. And I remember dancing to the movie and crying when the song from today’s title was playing (when he is leaving her after losing his job). One would think after seeing the movie for I don’t know how many times, it would eventually stop, but no. 🙂 Even watching it today, that scene still brings tears to my eyes. As well as hearing the song. It is one of my favorites of all times and it is the one written by Patrick Swayze and the only one he is performing in the movie.

Honestly, even after all these years, I still want to be the girl from that song. 🙂

And btw, it is just starting on the radio I’m listening today.

So, today is not about books or perfume but I still believe it is fitting because Patrick Swayze and Dirty Dancing were the reason I begun reading romance novels.

Rest in peace.

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