Not so good

So, the weekend went by and nothing really big happened, I just decided to freshen up my hair color. It seems this time I should have listened to my horoscope. 🙂 This is actually going to sound like I know what I’m talking about but I’ll just quote Susan from Astrologyzone “If you were planning to try a new look for the coming season, it would be best to wait until after April 17 to make that salon appointment to have your hair cut, colored, or styled. Men and women should never schedule plastic surgery while Venus is retrograde – doing so seems to defeat the purpose! “
Anyway, I did color my hair (myself, like most of the time), and the color just didn’t turn out the way I supposed it will. It’s not copper red, it’s more like autumn red with violet undertones. So not me (although it’s really not that bad). So, on top of spring depression, I have a bad hair color. Nice way to start the work week.

Btw, I wasn’t aware of the color until I got to work because I colored it yesterday evening and it wasn’t daylight. Now I’m waiting to go home, make some strong chamomille tea and soak my hair in it (should help a little bit, I believe). At least I colored it quite well, no parts left out this time. One would think after so many years of doing it myself, there would be no more mistakes, but that would be just wrong. 80% of time I miss some little spot (the good thing since I missed it, it’s usually hidden from everyone’s view).

Hope everyone else had a better weekend and definitely a better start to their work week.

The image is of the color I hoped I would get, not the one actually on my head. 🙂
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