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Subrina hair color

I colored my hair yesterday and was surprised in more ways than I expected. I wouldn’t even be talking about this color today if there wasn’t some kind of promotion so I decided to try it. It’s not like it can be that bad, but since this is a Slovenian company and not my usual L’Oreal, Garnier or Schwarzkopf which I trust, I never before bought Subrina (by Ilirija). I know it’s not nice to be prejudiced against small cosmetic companies but sometimes I can’t help it.

Anyway, it’s in the lower price range regarding what’s on offer (L’Oreal Preference being higher price range for hair colors here).

Anyway, I took the box after seeing the hair color in the book the SA offered without actually reading the name of the color. It looked the right kind of red. Even when opening the box yesterday to mix the color and reading the instructions for the color named Orange, I still thought it was going to look the same as on the box. Well, as you can imagine, I was wrong. 🙂

But truth to tell, I am not disappointed with the color – it does hint toward orange but it’s actually a really strong copper tone. Which is what I aim for most of the time. Only this copper leans more toward orange than red. This will be then the tone of the month – it’s good it’s so lively because the weather here is grey and we had our first snow today! 🙂 Yeey! It was mixed with rain and it’s too warm for it to stick, but I love watching it fall and it has made my gray rainy day much happier.

Back to the color. I wanted to talk about it today because I was pleasantly surprised to find that the gloves that come attached to the instructions are much better quality than what can usually be found in the package and that there was more color in the end than I was able to utilize. That has never happened before. I mean, I do have short hair but lately I started asking myself is it possible that they put less and less product into those bottles and tubes because one color is barely enough for my hair. Well, Subrina obviously does put enough which is certainly a plus for them. Another plus is that their instructions say that after washing off the color shampoo, you need to shampoo the hair one more time with a color save shampoo and then apply the conditioner that came in the package. The problem with the conditioner satchet is that it is not perforated which luckily for me, I noticed before starting to wash the color off so I cut the top off.

Now, I cannot as of yet say how lasting it will be (I mean they all wash off, it’s just the question of how soon and how much) but it washes of your skin incredibly well enough. Hopefully it will remain this vibrant long (at least the SA said it would).
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Not so good

So, the weekend went by and nothing really big happened, I just decided to freshen up my hair color. It seems this time I should have listened to my horoscope. 🙂 This is actually going to sound like I know what I’m talking about but I’ll just quote Susan from Astrologyzone “If you were planning to try a new look for the coming season, it would be best to wait until after April 17 to make that salon appointment to have your hair cut, colored, or styled. Men and women should never schedule plastic surgery while Venus is retrograde – doing so seems to defeat the purpose! “
Anyway, I did color my hair (myself, like most of the time), and the color just didn’t turn out the way I supposed it will. It’s not copper red, it’s more like autumn red with violet undertones. So not me (although it’s really not that bad). So, on top of spring depression, I have a bad hair color. Nice way to start the work week.

Btw, I wasn’t aware of the color until I got to work because I colored it yesterday evening and it wasn’t daylight. Now I’m waiting to go home, make some strong chamomille tea and soak my hair in it (should help a little bit, I believe). At least I colored it quite well, no parts left out this time. One would think after so many years of doing it myself, there would be no more mistakes, but that would be just wrong. 80% of time I miss some little spot (the good thing since I missed it, it’s usually hidden from everyone’s view).

Hope everyone else had a better weekend and definitely a better start to their work week.

The image is of the color I hoped I would get, not the one actually on my head. 🙂
Image via http://www.schwarzkkopf.com/
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