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Tired of feeling guilty

My post yesterday got me thinking how I feel guilty for not writing more. I keep saying (almost promising) to myself and my readers I’ll write more but then life takes over and I’m busy, or tired, or don’t feel any inspiration to write, sometimes what I want to say feels stupid so it never gets published and times just passes.guilty

And I keep making myself feel guilty for not living up to self-imposed obligations that really have no reason to be there in the first place. Making myself feel guilty over things I love doing will only do the opposite, create a negative reaction to them.

So today I decided I will not make myself feel guilty over anything. 🙂 And I’m not going to say failure is not an option here because that would again imply that I have to do it otherwise I would feel guilty. See how easy it is for me to get into that vicious circle?!

And this guilt doesn’t only cover writing. It covers many things I’d like to do in my regular life, run more, get out more, read more, do more. But, a day only has 24 hours, and what with sleeping and working, free time is limited.

So feeling guilty for not being able to put it all into that little time slot I have is basically ridiculous. The stuff you do for yourself, in your free time, should make you feel good all the time.

Therefore, I refuse to feel guilty over  things that make me happy just because I can’t find the time or energy to do them as often as I’d like. I should be happy I can do them.dr seuss

I AM happy there is time in my life to do them, however rare or often it happens.

Do you ever feel guilty for not doing everything you think you should?

Quick update

Time flies and I have no good excuses for why I am not writing. I could come up with excuses but really, when you want to write, you find the time. So, yes, no good excuses (as I do want to write). writing

I do promise though to try and manage my time more efficiently and therefore find the time to write when I am not dead on my feet (that ought to help).


In the meantime I almost passed my driver’s exam yesterday. 🙂 Hopefully that means I’ll do it the next time round. Honestly, getting a driver’s license in Croatia is a rather long and a bit difficult process (just to warn you if it ever crosses your mind) so I’m hoping in my case it will be all over soon.

Perfume-wise, I discovered an old decant of Donna Karan’s Chaos and sprayed it one day to remember what it smelled like and completely fell in love. That said, the decant is empty so if anyone has any they’d like to share, please think of me. 🙂

(I’m pretty sure it’s the “new” version as I sincerely doubt I got my hands on the “old” one)


P.S. You can imagine how strange my life is at the moment when I can’t find the time to read?!

I wish I could write

I think many voracious readers actually think this.

I love reading so much and my imagination works overtime (especially when I’m asleep or resting) so I can’t help but wonder if my imagined scenarios might make for a good reading.writing

It’s just that I am no writer. I neither have the knowledge nor the discipline (especially the discipline).

I do wish though that I could write about all these things I enjoy reading about so much. The romance, the thrilling stories, the paranormal characters, the post-apocalyptic society, the friendship, the bravery, the tragedy of personal traits…

There are so many things I enjoy reading about that fill me with enormous anticipation and happiness and that put a smile on my face. I often wish I could return the favor by doing the same.

It’s just, I am no novel writer.

I tend to express myself in short sentences and even explain things to people in short and (hopefully) concise speech. I hate long explanations, writing long essays or anything that requires more than several sentences to be communicated.

Basically, I’ll never make a good novel writer. I just I wish I could though…

What good is interesting imagination if it can’t be put into words…

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