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Lost in a sea of books

The other day I talked about how I’m behind times in the perfume world and news reach me (if they reach me) months after everyone else has heard them. 🙂

It seems that when it comes to books, I’m even worse.books1

These days, the only way I will hear about a good (new) book is if there is a movie being made out of it (and some of those aren’t really that good either).

I have a pool of authors I follow and read, whatever they publish, but adding to that pool is rather difficult.  Even when I find a book blogger I share tastes with, some of those reviews just don’t sound that appealing to me.

I also sometimes wonder how many people are actually intrigued enough by my reviews to read a book I found great…?

In the haystack that is the book world, finding your needle is very difficult. And the blurbs don’t help. The only reason I wanted to read World War Z was because I really liked the movie and thought the book must be better. Then I read the blurbs for the book and wasn’t very sure about my choice. Luckily, this time around, I decided to ignore them.

The thing is, that book is one of the best new books I’ve read in quite a while and I wouldn’t even know it existed unless for the movie.

That’s why I’m a bit sad now. How many more books like that are passing  me by because I don’t know where to look? Or who to trust?

Do you have a way of figuring out what books ought to be on your TBR pile? And how do you select from the pool of new authors those, whose books might be worth reading?

Or is it basically luck?

Max Brooks: World War Z

Well, now I certainly understand why people who read the book were upset with the movie. 🙂
After reading the book, I can say the movie is rather loosely based on the book.  I’d say the title comes the closest. 😉

Ok, that was mean of me as I enjoyed the movie and I did recognize some parts of the book that I saw in the movie but really, the movie doesn’t come close to what’s in the book (then again, what movie does?). Actually, it veers off in a completely different way.

But I want to talk about the book and not about the movie. The book I would highly recommend to practically anyone. Because the most important thing that comes out of this book is the rather good (and bleak) depiction of everything that is wrong with the world today.

The story is based on interviews with particular survivors, several years after the end of the World War Z and some of them are actually scum. Not many but there is no problem picking them out. Surprisingly, all of them are either rich or in power! Can you imagine that?wwz

The way the interviews are slowly progressing gives you the image of what and how it all happened.

If you are like me and think that a book that’s based on interviews with people cannot come close to an interesting read that you will devour, well, you would be (like me) very wrong.

It’s fun how the introduction is the explanation on how this book, from the fictional point of view of the interviewer, came to be. And how he had access to many important people after the war.

I don’t want to go into details about the story but what is rather obvious is that Mr. Brooks did some great research in writing it and I, for one, actually learned a lot in general about the world we live in.

The thing is, zombies aside, this book is a very good warning against what we as humans are capable of doing to ourselves, destroying the world we know because of our greed and power cravings.

That is why World War Z is scary.

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