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Tuberose as a mood enhancener

Or a review of Agent Provocateur’s Tuberose Intoxication massage oil.

I don’t use it as a massage oil. I use it when I need an anti-depressant. Ok, that sounds too drastic as I’m not depressed but I use it on days when I feel down for no reason and need something to make me feel better. I use it as an after shower body oil instead of the lotion I usually use.ap tuberose

I love the smell of tuberose and I know it is usually reviewed as a seductive perfume (and I agree) but I think its narcotic nature is what works for me. 😉 What other reason would there be for me to crave it when I need a pick me up if not for its narcotic nature? 🙂

OK, now that I admitted I like narcotics in my flowers and perfumes, the reason I really enjoy putting this oil on (except the fact that I smell tuberosey for hours) is its silky texture. It applies well to moist skin but it also feels like you still have some on because its silkiness makes your hands glide and you can’t lose that feeling. No wonder it’s advertised as massage oil…

The bad thing though, it seems it’s no longer available. That’s a shame as there were 3 oils released at the same time (I only tried the tuberose), but it makes me think that the others would smell and feel great too.

Comfort zone – tuberose and vanilla

Or, to give it a name Watch by M. Micallef. Or, Time for Love.

Although it seems tuberose might be a figment of my imagination as it’s not listed in the notes but I see people on Fragrantica thought they smell it too. Ylang-ylang as well,  but I’d say what I think of as tuberose could also be jasmine + ylang-ylang (sometimes I mix the two). But ylang-ylang isn’t listed either. 🙂

I had more fun smelling this while not looking at the listed notes. 😀watch

I cannot say it’s a breathtakingly novel perfume. Or that it will be loved by the masses (although you never really know but as it came out in 2002. and costs and arm and a leg, that’s a safe bet). 😉

What I can say is that it offers me comfort all day long as when you have tuberose and vanilla in a perfume, you can be pretty sure the longevity will work in its favor. 🙂 I’m guessing amber and musk help too and luckily the musk used here is one I am fine with (I don’t think they used too much).

Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the fruit and the peony except the fruit obviously works well with the sweet notes, and peony works well with the white notes. I also can’t help but wonder if there is some opoponax in there as well, as it has that special smell I always associate with my childhood play-doh equivalent.

No wonder I find it a comforting perfume…

Top notes: jasmine, vanilla and mandarin.                                                                      Heart: fruit and Chinese peony                                                                                        Base: amber and musk.


P.S. I knew I’d forget something. 🙂 This lovely perfume came to my through Asali who knows my perfume tastes better than I do at times.

Tuberose term, starting… Now!

TuberoseActually, it started this morning but still, today is the day.

Our spring weather has finally decided to stop channeling autumn and we are finally heading for summer warmth and that means TUBEROSE. 🙂

I am very happy that the weather has consented to allow me to happily wear my lovely white flowers and I started this day with Vamp a NY.

That was a very good choice.

Other tuberose choices I will be dealing with in days to come include: MdO Tubereuse, Guerlain Mahora, Noix de Tubereuse by Miller Harris, the HdP Tuberose trio (Virginale, Capricieuse and Animale), L’Artisan’s Nuit de Tubereuse, Le Labo’s Tuberose, Estee Lauder Tuberose Gardenia and possibly Fracas(and I’m including here Songes, Une Voix Noire, Wildwood flower by H&M and Cruel Gardenia as they fit with my ideal).

For special evenings, I will be choosing between my samples of Carnal Flower and Tubereuse Criminelle.

If you have any suggestions what other tuberoses should get into the rotation, I’m waiting eagerly to hear them.

I’m also always open to receiving some.

You know, like the Bolt of Lightning… 😉

It’s spring – what should I wear?

I realized I face the same problem each spring. It doesn’t happen with any other season, only spring.

The sun is shining, the weather is warmer and I re-organized my perfumes so those warm weather ones would be closer at hand but I’m not feeling them. I mean, the easiest choice seems to be tuberose these days but I’d like to expand that (and not use up what’s left in my bottle of Vamp a NY).

The way I see it, spring feels like a new beginning so I need to smell something new to go with it. None of my last year spring favorites seem to be working no more. They will though, as soon as I start the spring season with something new to satisfy my spring flightiness.

Green, sunny and not too floral – ideas please?

Surprising myself

I love surprises. So I don’t mind when I manage to surprise myself. 🙂

I know I love white flowers, especially tuberose and orange blossoms. What I wasn’t aware of is that I obviously adore tuberose as it seems I have quite many perfumes featuring that note. I wouldn’t even be aware of that if I weren’t preparing a tuberose package for a fellow blogger and stuff seemed to pop out of everywhere. Which also means I’m walking around in a tuberose cloud (making me feel happy and smiling) and as some of the tuberoses I handled are only in sample sizes, I’m considering which one I need in a bigger size (probably bottle). 🙂

And I have it! I knew the instant I smelled it, it was the first tuberose I plan on buying once I recover from my recent splurge. *

Histoires de Parfums – Tubereuse Animale! When I received their sample package some months ago, the 3 tuberoses were in it but at that time I didn’t talk about them because they were discussed on many blogs previous to that. I do plan on doing reviews on them, esepcially because I think all 3 are really good but Animale is in my opinion perfect for me.

So, basic line is, I’m a tuberose freak and I’m proud of it. Not to mention I’ll be smelling it all day long as decanting can be a messy business and I have some all over my clothes. 😀

* I have the best of friends. 🙂 My friend Branka was in Paris for only a few days and I’m incredibly grateful that she found the time to look for the bottles I wanted and now am the proud owner of – SL Boxeuses and Shalimar Ode a la Vanille.

Pic by: http://www.easytogrowbulbs.com

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