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Summer vacation is over

And autumn seems to already be here…

When I looked back on my vacation, I realized I really did get enough rest and I enjoyed my time off. Even when the weather turned cold and windy. The books occupied my time while I waited for the sun’s return.

I’m not sure if you can see it in this picture, but the wind “bura” was blowing and there is a white fog over the sea.


But then, when the wind and the rain stopped, it became possible to catch pictures of sun through the trees.DSC_0043

Most of my vacation was spent in Smokvica, we just traveled for the last few days to southern Dalmatia to watch  Maraton lađa – a famous event in that part of Croatia where teams compete on the river Neretva in rowing old-fashioned boats native to that region. For 22,5km! That is more than 2,5 hours of rowing.

But before the main event, we were lucky to have dinner at a place that features this sunset in front of it. DSC_0053

And views like this one:DSC_0056

In order to get to the start of the race boats are organized for tourists that first take you for a swim and a lunch and then to the start of the race.


And here go the teams – there were 34 of them.DSC_0064

This is what cheering from the boat looks like. 🙂



And now I’m back in Zagreb, just so you don’t think my hair always looks that disheveled, I have a fresh hairstyle.

(that will probably be disheveled in 2 days time) 😀DSC_0078

A place where summer still lives…

This weekend I went to Split to attend a friend’s wedding.

As I went there with my girlfriends, of course I had the best of times. I was also lucky enough to enjoy a couple of days of summer as Split is located on the Adriatic coast, south enough to still enjoy warm days when the temperatures are over 20 degrees Celsius and the sea is as well (around 22).

Of course I took a swim while I was there – I can’t believe I could actually enjoy a swim in the middle of October and that the sea and air were warm enough for it to be an enjoyable experience. 🙂 (actually, it was rather hot in the sun)

Here are some of the photos I took:

Split Riva

View from Kaštel Stari

View from Kaštel Stari

From the beach

I’m back in Zagreb and even if I wasn’t aware the summer is long gone here (the cold is a good sign), my morning choices of what perfume to apply would be a good indication – vanillas are somehow on the top of the pile. 🙂

Promoting Croatia (and my blog)

All of you who read my blog regularly are probably aware that I try and promote my country as much as I can while writing my blog (I try to be incospicuous about it but I’m not really sure I am).

Anyway, I am happy to say that a Croatian tourist/promotion portal Like Croatia posted some of my summer photos on their site recently! 🙂

You’ve seen the photos here already, but if you are thinking about visiting Croatia, checking out their site Like Croatia is probably a good thing to do. 🙂

I’m leaving you with a few more of my summer photos:

Croatian summer 2012. II

So, here are some photos I took in the last week:

My beach in Smokvica (well, not mine, the one I go to every day):
View from our terrace early in the morning:
The path I take when I go running (not that I managed a lot of that):
View from that path – the island of Krk on the other side:

One more from the running path:

Slightly better (closer) view from the path from Smokvica to Klenovica:
One more from the view from the path from Smokvica to Klenovica:
Love from Croatia! 🙂

Croatian summer 2012

Some of the photos I took on my vacation:
Seline, taken at 5 PM but the lighting is all strange when there is so much sun:
Seline, a view from the boat:

One more from the boat:

Beach in Seline:

One more of the beach across from Seline:

Love from Croatia! 🙂

A summer break?

My vacation started this week and when I arrived, it became obvious that my internet connection is a bit unsatisfactory. 🙂

It’s there but it’s so slow and not really dependable that it seems now even if I wanted to blog during my vacation (I always think I would but it’s usually the opposite), it will be a rather unnerving process for me so I might not indulge in it often.

I do plan on writing down my ideas so when I come back to Zagreb, I have many posts in the making.
In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some of the photos I took while here:

My usual place on the beach:

I’m learning how to make granola for breakfast (it tastes much better than one would expect):

And general view from my place on the coast:

Vacation is over, work awaits…

And when I say work, I mean WORK. 🙂

I have many things I need to do this fall, and I’m glad to say I didn’t start on any of them on my vacation. After all, vacation is vacation, and getting frustrated by the slowness with which I’d be getting anything done seemed to me the opposite of what vacation is about, so  the last 3 weeks was all about me doing things I like and that relax me and not thinking about anything remotely work/study-related.

I’m proud to say I’m very good at that. 😀

I can’t say I didn’t get my rest and that my batteries aren’t full and ready to tackle my workload, it’s just that I don’t really appreciate the fact that I can never really choose how to spend my days as I do need to work to be able to actually spend my day leisurely these 3 weeks that I can.
Sometimes I really, really wish I were rich.

Basically, I spent my days, reading, cooking, swimming, enjoying solitude, and for a while children’s antics (my boyfriend’s nieces were there for a few days, they are incredibly great and tiring at the same time, I should think like all children). 🙂

I only got to read 10 books (which is not as much as I usually can). But of those 10, 7 were the Harry Potter series so I consider myself lucky. Although a bit depressed as well. It’s one of those stories that makes you lose yourself in it, and when it’s over, you can’t believe you have to go back to life where there is no more of that world.
Yes, I’m on of those people who can get lost in fantasy. And believe me, it doesn’t make for easy living.

This is it for my get back post – here are some photos of my vacation.

Seagulls in Klenovica:

View through the trees from the terrace:

View from the little beach:

Rosemary in bloom:

Clear, blue sky:

P.S. I was going to post the photo of my favourite bathing suit but as it only displays my behind, I decided against it (taken by  my boyfriend of course). 🙂

I’m back!

And the vacation is officially over. It’s been over 24 hours that I’m in Zagreb and I still cannot believe how soon one returns to the usual routine life most of us probably lead.
I actually feel quite rested and I no longer have bags under my eyes (although probably not for long). 🙂 It’s time to get back to my usual non-vacation life and I feel ready for all of it (blogging especially).
And like I promised, some pictures from my vacation. Most were taken on our brief visit to the wonderful beach on the island of Krk.

This one is of a garden in Smokvica – it looks very artfully done.

This is what a sunset on the path from Smokvica to the next village of Klenovica looks like:

View from the boat of our side of the island of Krk (you would never guess there was that little beautiful beach hidden somewhere in all these rocks):
View from the beach:
More beach:
This is me getting ready to swim (this was after two weeks in the sun and you can see I don’t really tan, or at all when compared to everyone else around me):
View toward the island, very unhospitable for everyone except goats:
The beach is really a little recess among all the rocks:
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